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Eloy Ramirez

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eloi jeshua drawing

finally decided to open a first store to sell Shirts ('n stuff)...only one design so far...but it is close to my heart

@StevenFurtick lead us home last night... ...We're keepin' it rollin' today @C3_2012

@JasonPowell do you know anyone who has used one of these as an AirPrint solution in a multi VLAN network? xPrintServer

it is not that a new calendar year is a time for change. it is that usually all projects have just been completed. Time for deConstruction.

work hard to find out what your parents gave you...i don't mean to you...i mean put in you #EnoughRespectToMyMomEnoughRespectToMyDad

if your father was Imperator...then maybe not...but a Centurion...maybe so cc: @dubdromic @HistoryOfRome

I wonder if aquatic animals marvel at humans in the water, the way we marvel at that octopus walking on land.

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first Google+ Business Page ... Fight Through

your spirit is lifted when you do good work...the paradox is that good work requires a prepared spirit
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