Operation - Reopen the Third Path

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About 10 hours ago an announcement was issued that the so-called Portal Virus would be fired again, requiring agents of both factions to work together to achieve 1 Billion combined MUs at the end of the Chicago Anomaly. I'm sure there are some teams already planning their megafields and efforts to ensure we go over that water mark. However, I know there are some of us that don't care to be pliant to the whims of aliens and artificial intelligence. This is a call to you.

Some have said that this Portal Virus takes away choice. The way I see it, we're given only two choices. Enlightened or Resistance. Do we really win if one of those faction's goals are achieved? Or can we take control for ourselves and go for the third choice. Spread the word. We can organize and make this happen. You don't need to join a big team to help this third path succeed. You can be in a remote region of the world to contribute to this cause.

The strategy is simple for this potentially worldwide operation: destroy fields and reduce the risk of megafields. Find areas that are fielded up and demolish them. Don't rebuild with your own fields, rather, deploy and shield in a way that makes refielding expensive with low destruction AP benefit. In the hours leading to the anomaly, throw up links that block common mega field patterns. Look for areas that can potentially be megafielded and use link blocks to prevent the fields from going up. And yes, in those final hours, you CAN use your viruses on megafield anchors, even ones of your own faction. No secrets are needed for this strategy, just effort. If our effort is enough to stymie their efforts we win.

Should there be enough activity on this post, I'll reach out and discuss ways we can broaden our outreach and coordinate planning. But we need to act fast and act decisively. Join me and lets enlighten the resistance and resist the enlightened. #RedFaction

+Devra Bogdanovich
+Martin Schubert
+Fevenis Silverwind
+Hamza Sezgin 
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I've suggested something similar recently and I like that the idea is spreading. You are right. #Niantic has pitted us against one another in this conflict while hey collect the rewards of that war. The only way to take control is to remove all the control fields and free the minds of humans from either influence. #RedFaction
+Aleph Prime Yeah apologies to any if this idea was pitched. I couldn't find much supporting #RedFaction so I figured why not try and push an Op. This needs to get spread quite a bit (either my post or others) to get the word out. I am sure we can get the numbers for a big organized yet disperse effort. 
+Elowenn Sevetica I play like that everyday(well, i dont play as much since i lost my phone XD) but yeah. i think that the idea of a 3rd faction that works to diminish the influence of the other 2 by destroying their fields is a great idea. And we don't even need Niantic to create it for us. it's already there, in our hearts ^_^
My opinion is absolutely contrary: A portal controlled by either RES or ENL at least is under control by a human faction. Gray portals are pure shaper tools :)
+Florian Hartig But grey portals don't have control fields. which is the element that "gives" control of the minds of other humans. a grey portal is a shaper tool without effect.
So if you Grey all the portals where will you get your gear from? 
+Hamza Sezgin let me clarify. If you increase decay to point of killing off portals. Where do you plan to get you high level gear to take out highly organized groups? 
By the way all, supporters can join the community for organizing the promotional effort: Followers of the Third Path. #TeamDevra
I'm wondering if +Ingress , +Niantic Project , or +NIA Ops could work out, storywise, a third faction, that takes a little bit from each side and follows that as a code?

And really, ONE BILLION?  Okay, granted, with the numbers each side normally carries, I thought 700 million was out of reach, but 1,000,000,000 seems even more so, and to what end?  Within days we saw the numbers drop back, and within a week to a week and half (if that long) after specified cycle, they were back down to "normal" levels.  So - just a kick in the pants to work together to achieve this goal again, and if so, how many more times?  Until we can't achieve it? If it can't be achieved, then what happens?  The three day decay rate becomes permanent?  Then we are going to see a LOT of portals (and even fields) being populated with L1 resonators just so that the people maintaining those portals can keep them charged up.
+James Thirteen loving that graphic. Check out our community if you can, we're working on a big promo push and we need some graphics help. (If only I can figure out how to get Fireworks for cheap.. it's the only graphics program I am good at using). 
+Tina Schmidt They are baiting operations to happen. Clearly mega fields will be needed. But with the Devra thing they are also gauging interest in a third faction. This post is an attempt to take that bait and make a real [lore]push for humanity and give a choice beyond alien and machine slavery [/lore]
+Elowenn Sevetica I would like the third faction to take some bits of both sides - simply because it seems to make more sense to me.  I mean, I could see how it could work out lore-wise (and I'm a lore junkie on games I play), and well, on a human factor.  I mean, okay, compare it to religion.  A lot of "spiritual but not religious" people take what they like from different religions, or even different sects of the same religion, and follow that.  +Niantic Project  +NIA Ops 
yep. destroyers... there's only one faction which will satisfy you. Join the ENL!  You red faction guys are all completely out of this world, aren't you? Have you ever played ingress? How much fun it is to create fields n stuff? You all are getting benefit from our (ENL/RES) portals, items n stuff, dropping for free. But you keep destroyin'? Ok, you don't want to play this game anymore. Just erase it. But keep your psychotic theories for yourselves! every portal is grey, any item is deployed. And then? Nothing happens anymore. The game is dead! That's it. That will happen if you execute your strange plan. Just go and erase ingress from you device! It's your last chance! Do it! Now! Then your black-colored utopia will be removed for all time (unless you decide to re-install). You can just be happy. No shapers, no enlightened, no resistance, no bulls***-story elements you need to think about and create your harebrained theories based on it. Do us all a favor and remove yourself out of the game. Thank you!
Parasites. You cannot exist by yourselves, your gameplay is nothing but a shadow of the real thing and exclusively reactive to what real players play. Go get a life.
+Andreas Kreuz  You don't have to be a 'red faction guy' to enjoy destroying.   I take down the fields of the opposition all the time and rarely build any myself.  It's what I do. it's what I enjoy, despite the twisted idiocy of NIA in not giving badges for it.  

Today, I can smash an opposition portal, and I can choose to either deploy on it or leave it grey. I do both, all the time. If I leave it grey, maybe the opposition captures it and I smash it again. Or maybe a lower level on my own team who needs the AP deploys.   Either way, I left it grey. So.. tell me.. how is that any different? How has that not created a 'dead' game?  Should I delete the app today because I play differently than you?

No, of course not. The suggestion is ridiculous, isn't it.   The only way this creates a dead game is if everyone leaves all the portals grey. Ain't going to happen now, is it? Of course not.

So, relax,  my good man.  Save the histrionics and go about your business.
+Andreas Kreuz I, myself, said nothing about simply destroying the portals, etc.  I talked about a possible middle path that could be created, but I am proudly ENL.  The power hungry AI called ADA won't be taking me down.
Although, I do look forward to the day when the Shapers create an advanced and united utopian world-state, where the non-believers and those that side with the enemy for short term gains will learn the error of their ways. I concede that in order for the portal network to become resistant to these threats that the full force of the virus should be realized.

For this purpose only, I will support the global efforts to push the network to the brink for the sake of strengthening it in the future. Thereby proving that the trivial efforts of mankind cannot subvert the will of the Shapers and those that will usher their arrival.


I'm totally up for it.  Keep the decay!  I'm just one agent with one bicycle, but I'll do what I can. 
+Gabriel Lyon Wow, um, Gabriel, that sounds SCARILY like religion.  I still think the most viable third faction is a middle of the road compromise - away from extremists of both schools of thought.  (So, if you are looking at it like a political viewpoint, neither left wing or right wing, but centrist.)
+Aleph Prime Have to say, never brought fields into that thought. But still, the fields only modulate the influence and perhaps spread the influence further (like anywhere below the field). Still the Shapers have influenced mankind through XM streaming out of portals. Otherwise there would have been no influence before there was the scanner app. Hence: A deployed portal should be in the interest of each faction alike, even the "third" that just doesn't want fields.
+Florian Hartig,
Think of it as more a level of exposure. Radiation is a good example. A small amount is necessary for evolution  to work. However standing in front of a block of uranium is not. 

Human are use to the XM levels in the past. We have no idea what these higher levels of modulated XM is doing. If the events at the Niantic Labs is any indication, it is not good. 
+James Thirteen I like your way of thinking :) Still a portal is a source of influencing our world presumably with some kind of goal. Natural radiation does not have a goal. 
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