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+Baratunde Thurston & I were interviewed at +Netroots Nation -- We were Black...together. It happens...
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You guys were great, and love her Wilma Flinstone necklace. And your left hand looks more attractive :-)
You two play off of each very well. And of course she said "host of the radio show This Week in blackness" as opposed to Blacking It Up
Yeah, This Week In Blackness Radio (TWIB Radio) it is, man. Eff it.
Where was L. Joy? She coulda hey-boyed Baratunde the whole time...
She wasn't very prepared at all. She was troll bait.
She tried to bait them...but Batman & Robin were way too smooth.  I love how different they are, but they were totally the wonder twins. 
great noted... the reporter was kind of weak
Great interview. Ya'll are pretty entertaining/informative together.
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