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"On Saturday evening, during the final plenary session at this year’s Netroots Nation conference, the comedian Elon James White mocked journalists for dwelling on progressive disaffection with Obama. “Hey, media, fall the fuck back,” he said. “Yes, I can critique the president ... But at the same time, I can also support him against the crazy folks who are trying to destroy the damn country.” The crowd cheered and applauded."

And then the articles goes off somewhere... sigh But I'll say this much. I'm happy that I got to say that into the public sphere. I'm hoping people get it...
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Yeah - she didn't seem to get your message did she? Am I 100% happy with Obama? Heck no. Will I do as much for him in 2012 as I did in 2008? Heck yeah! I told Dave Weigel that last year at NN11 as did my friends, but it seems like the media ignores those of us who are reasonable and they go looking for the disaffected liberal. Squeaky wheel and all that noise. Whatever.
I just wanna know how my quote is used to explain issues with obama...
Quite the disconnect eh? She made a big deal of saying how the crowd cheered your statement, but then were much less vociferous cheering Obama after the video. So the crowd agrees with YOU that's its OK to critique and still support and the media needs to get off that - and then because they DIDN'T cheer for Obama as loudly it means it's OK for her to go back to focusing on the liberal angst? <eyeroll>
It's getting really fucking corny to hear people critique Obama on issues that could be addressed with a second term by people who seem to make it a point to continually pseudo-endorse candidates who make him look amazing by their standards. Yes, Obama isn't perfect, but it's funny how certain people don't want to mention who they voted for in 2004 when you ask them in the midst of their critique, or ask "What does that matter!??" #theyvotedGOP
This just burns my beans!.. the Fauxgressives wait for a savior.. they pine for someone to clean up where there fat butts sat for election after election after election.. while the pragmatists and the "centrists" work tirelessly to get the work done.. whining is not an effective political strategy.. the REASON for whining should be supported, because it is the closest thing YOU GOT to work with for now..
Fauxgressives and EmoProgs sitting out the 2010 mids. Now look where we are.
amen, Gwen.. He always said.. Yes, WE can.. not yes, HE can.. simple as that.
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