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Google Feedback Now Way Faster!

At Google speed is really important, especially for Google Feedback where we know that you have other things to do so we want to let you send us your thoughts as fast as possible. With that in mind I've spent the past several weeks on a major overhaul of our screenshot and highlighting system.

Last week the first major update went out that brought a 2-3x faster preview step all while using less memory and less CPU (which is really nice on a Chromebook).

Today the second update went out that makes the highlighting step 7x faster so you'll spend even less time waiting when you want to send us feedback.

Thanks for all feedback! Keep it coming. :)
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Great work +Elliott Sprehn!
Is the Feedback & its screenshot creator going to be released as an open source JS project by any chance? I really want to use it behind our corporate firewall for intranet applications I work on?
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