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Apple, why does your iPad show capital letters always - even if I'm not typing in capitals? You should go speak to Google or MS about UI design....

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Best place for an error?

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Really awesome stuff!
M.I.T. Computer Program Reveals Invisible Motion in Video

Very interesting! I'd love to see more examples of this being used in the real world. Maybe even on plants and animals...

The amplification process is called Eulerian Video Magnification, and is the brainchild of a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

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Come watch our hangout as we re-code ZFGC!
ZFGC 3 Development Stuff!

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+Ben O'Hanlon this looks like your kinda thing:
Best Harlem Shake EVER

Java, you updated last night, this morning and now this evening? There had better be good reason for this.

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Not bad for a phone that costs less than £35.

A hint to anyone who has a new windows and 8 laptop and removes mcaffee from it. Register it and activate it first. Otherwise it will say it uninstalls, fails and slows the machine down massively. You'll then have to get the removal tool from their site (which requires registering the product). It's just a massive pain. 
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