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As of today, #androiddev  can edit apps that use multiple APKs in the new Google Play Developer Console - just choose "Advanced mode" on the APK page. Advanced mode also lets you upload a new APK without publishing it immediately. Thanks for your feedback about app publishing.
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I'm still waiting to be able to reply to reviews...
But the default behaviour is still to publish uploaded APKs immediately. For people that haven't read this post to discover that the previous behaviour is now "advanced", isn't this a big UX regression?
+Christopher Orr It's up to the developer what mode to use. Many developers found the old two-step "upload then activate" process to be extremely confusing and often made mistakes thinking their new APK was live when it wasn't. 
Sure, but nobody knows that this behaviour has now moved to "advanced", as we've seen.

There's no warning in the UI; the button in the Upload APK dialog says "Save" rather than "Hey this will publish your app right now".
While there is some warning text saying "By publishing this application you confirm..." the dialog says the same in advanced mode when uploading a draft, so that doesn't help either.

For me, it's less clear now and the language in the UI doesn't help this.
+Ellie Powers Thanks for the ability to separate submission and publishing but as +Christopher Orr the UX is not intuitive. 

What if the default were to be 'Publish manually after submission' and Advanced Mode has a toggle which says 'Publish automatically after submission' ?
+Maximilian Ruppaner Thanks for the heads up. Will test when I get the change. Hopefully this also fixes issues with v3 IAB as well (empty signature when draft in old console). 
The main screen list shows the version of the latest draft APK instead of the version of the current published APK. This makes it look like the draft is live. Hopefully it isn't...
Old console shows the correct (published) version, so looks like a problem with the new one. 
+Christopher Orr I completely agree. Just a few weeks ago we had something of a fiasco with a premature launch when the default behavior changed. Out client had prepared marketing material and had press releases for the end of the week, but the asp launched as soon as I hit that god-forsaken Save button.
+Ellie Powers Great, hopefully it will save others from the same mistake. If I may give a suggestion: instead of simply renaming the button, add a similar prompt asking "Save draft" (which triggers advanced mode) or "Publish now" (which saves and activates the APK).
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