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Pretty substantial line, snaking down from the far end out onto the main show floor, and this is still 30 minutes before the I/O keynote.

Oh, wait, this is for the Speechless session on Friday afternoon!

It's always interesting that people are at a conference for the technical details, but are very interested in some comic relief. I'm happy to oblige.

Thanks to everyone that attended the session - I hope you found seats somewhere. And thank you for the fruitful audience suggestions and complete lack of lobbed tomatoes.

For those that missed it on the live stream, that'd be because there was no such thing. We're taking chances enough by improvising to a live audience in person; we need to mitigate the potential career damage slightly by constraining the performance to the folks at the event.

In pale compensation, I offer this picture of the queue for the session.

Oh, and thanks to the excellent presenters:
+Reto Meier +Ellie Powers +Mano Marks and +Dan Sandler 
as well as the austere and thoughtful judges:
+Colt McAnlis +Rachel Garb and +Timothy Jordan 

By the way, you can catch the public version of this show monthly in San Francisco, and occasionally other cities such as LA, Portland, and NY. Details at
(Though these public shows will probably have a lower percentage of I/O presenters at them.)

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Here was my last presentation at #io15 - speechless improvised presentations.

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Speechless at I/O is on at 4p in room 3! I'm back as the defending champion, but Speechless veteran +Chet Haase​ and newcomer +Ellie Powers​ are amongst this year's list of impressive challengers. We'll either be funny or embarrass ourselves in the attempt -- either way it should be fun to watch.

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Hey #androiddev  - If you've ever started a staged rollout and realized you have a bug, this update is for you. Now you can halt your staged rollout preventing more users from seeing the buggy version.

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Hey #androiddev  - here's something new we're trying towards giving developers new ways to promote their apps to Play users.

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Hey #androiddev  Check out how musiXmatch has built an engaged and active userbase.
See how Bologna-based musiXmatch has managed to double the amount of active users and get them to stay in the app twice as long using the unique capabilities of the Android platform and Google Play.

Watch the video:

#AndroidDev   #Intents

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Hey #androiddev : you can make your users even happier by cleaning up battery use. Let us know how you like the new tools.
Are you developing an Android 5.0 Lollipop application for a special million users this holiday season? Then keep the holiday tidings high by not eating up their battery performance. We've got some new tools in API Level: 21 that can help you find and fix common battery drains.


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Hey #androiddev ! We've put together a bunch of our most recommended best practices on how to be successful on Google Play, and we'd love to hear what you think about it. What else would do you wish you knew when you first started building apps on Play? What best practices do you recommend to other developers?
Introducing a new guide, “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play”

Publishing your app on Google Play is a good start, but it’s only the first step to building a sustainable app business. That’s why we’ve written “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play,” a detailed guide on the best practices and tools you can use to maximize the reach, retention, and revenue of your new app.

Get the guide now:

We’ll release the guide in more languages in the coming months and we’ll continue to update with best practices to help you distribute and monetize your app successfully. 

Once you’ve checked out the guide, we’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve:

#AndroidDev   #GooglePlay

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Hey #androiddev  we can't wait to see all of the fantastic TV apps come in! :-)
Starting today, you can publish your apps for Android TV on Google Play, the largest digital store for apps and games. Make sure to check out the quality requirements for publishing to Android TV. 

In this post, we’ve provided guidance on how to get started building great apps for Android TV and get them published.

#AndroidDev   #AndroidTV

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Great news for developers in Nigeria, and their users everywhere!
Google play

We recently launched merchant payments on +Google Play for developers in Nigeria. To learn more about this program, and other programs we have in the software developer space.

Follow the link
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