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Ellie Kennard

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The Show Must Go On!

Love the title of +Steven Kennard's new box almost as much as I love the box. It's on its way down to Minnesota now, but we have the photographs. Click through on the blog link to see the images in full size in our new slideshow on his site.

The Show Must Go On!

This box, titled “The Show Must Go On!” was made specially for an invitation I received to submit a piece for the American Association of Woodturner’s annual exhibition and Professional Outreach Program auction. The theme for this year’s auction is “Patterns” and so I decided to pursue a design that has been going around in my head for a few years. I have used the exterior....
Read the rest of the posting and view the full sized slideshow of the other images on the blog link.

This box, titled “The Show Must Go On!” was made specially for an invitation I received to submit a piece for the American Association of Woodturner’s annual exhibition and Profes…
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Never too many ideas, +Steven Kennard! I know it feels like a whole big crowd of them want to become manifest but better that than a mere trickle!

Ellie Kennard

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A Cat's Not in Fashion Without Hot Pink Nails

Molly loves to show off her hot pink nails, especially for her new G+ friend +Sophie Bonnet.  I promised Sophie I would share this picture of my fashionable feline.

Molly, our black Cornish Rex loves craves attention and shows her pleasure by kneading and pulling at our clothes and skin when we pick her up. She's a cat. That's what they do. But we were getting sore necks and arms and my clothes were full of holes and pulls, despite regular nail trimming sessions. We read about these nail caps for cats and they have completely solved the problem. Molly gets her cuddles and we avoid the scratches. I took this last year when we first tried them on her. They don't seem to bother her, even when we put them on, so everyone is happy. And she is the height of fashion. (Rupert, who has his claws in the cushion, can be seen to be sporting purple ones, which are far more manly. Zoom in to see his.)

My posts are all on my website: .
#Animalia (+Animalia) curated by +Adelphe BACHELET
#mybelovedcats +OneCatADay - Photo Theme Page by +Edith Kukla
#hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals curated by +Andy Smith +Nicol Eh and +Shannon Adelson
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Great info, thanks!  Yes, my cat does not go outside, too many chances for illness or being hit by a car or whatever.  Appreciate the info!

Ellie Kennard

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Je me Souviens : I Remember

Québec city at night is an impression of lights on colours on textures on curves and deepening shadows. These lend a rich warmth and mystery to the bitter winter cold of the deserted night streets. Deserted, that is, except for another photographer, lit by the street lamp, equally captivated by the mystery of the shadowy gardens to the side of this street.  Je me souviens - I remember - the nights of this beautiful city, Québec.

My posts are all on my website: .

#Nightscapes +Nightscapes curated by +Jesse Martineau +Patrick Zeiler
+Photo Mania Canada  #photomaniacanada  by +Giselle Savoie and +Mark HELM 
#hqspnight  +HQSP Night curated by +Steven Markham and +Ingo Bruneske
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+Ellie Kennard, belated response. Actually I like only rare bits of science fiction by the very best, e.g., Kim Stanley Robinson, and I have yet to find the fantasy book that I've enjoyed. So I don't even bother, because there's something weird to me about the genre. But thanks for the recommendation.

Ellie Kennard

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A Jump in a Snowbank Always Makes a Border Collie Feel Good!

Joni's favourite season has always been the winter. As she was born into a Canadian December, her first trips outside were into the snow and the cold and even as a young pup she loved it and never wanted to come inside, preferring to brave the cold wind and snow to play and run than to be indoors looking out the window at it. 

Her new favourite winter pass-time is to jump onto snowbanks, digging around in them for any small creatures that might be hiding under the covered vegetation. Here I just caught her as she leaped joyfully over a bank that was partly covering a holly bush.

My posts are all on my blog: .

For #Animalia (+Animalia) curated by +Adelphe BACHELET
Early for #woofwednesday  +Woof Wednesday with +Sandra Nesbit and +Debbie Drummond  
and for  #hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals curated by +Andy Smith +Nicol Eh and +Shannon Adelson
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+Marc Briggs​ I always do. Whatever my day is like, it's always improved by some time playing with Joni.
They know how to enjoy themselves, +Shelly Gunderson​​ -thanks!
Thanks very much, +Ursula Klepper​​ - I can imagine that Mira would, too. You can have some of our snow, with pleasure. Although I do like some, it's just that last year gave me a different feel about it.

Ellie Kennard

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Florette, Our Beauty Queen

This short story tells more about our time in France, this time featuring our first cow, Florette and some of our fun with her.

I hope you will go to the blog and read the full story (and see the photographs taken by +Steven Kennard) and if you do, that you enjoy reading it.

The voluptuous Florette was so generously endowed that she was renowned as the beauty queen in the area, especially at the end of her pregnancies. Old farmers would drive for miles to come and gawk…
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Ellie Kennard

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Sad, but the time has come. Announcing the closing of the Public Calendar of Daily Photo Themes.

Announcing the Closing of the Public Calendar Page and Service

I am very sad to have to announce that I will be closing down the Public Calendar of Daily Photo Themes. There are two main reasons for this, the most important one being that as few theme moderators ever advise me of changes, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep the information up to date.

I did, however, put in a lot of time to make sure that dead themes were removed, moderators were up to date and all the information was accurate, last summer. I was glad to do it if it was a resource that would be used. It mattered that it should be accurate.

The second and main reason is that few people use this resource. Although many people still post to themes, most are using out of date information for themes that have died and gone, gleaned from sites that do not keep up to date. There is no point in keeping a resource such as this up to date if no one comes here and uses it. This has become a resource for a ghost town. The town still carries on (G+ is not a ghost town) but the majority of themes have died a death.

For that reason this will be closed as a page and the calendar itself at the end of the year. 

I want to thank all those who have helped me in the past in various ways and apologize to those few who have found this to be a useful resource. 
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Ellie Kennard

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Bright Lights of Québec

One of the best things about visiting a city like Québec is walking about in the darkened streets at night. Along one of the main streets, each of the restaurants uses lights to make them stand out among the considerable competition, all vying for your attention. The architecture is wonderful in the daytime, of course, but it takes on a different feel in the dark with the textures and features highlighted skillfully by them. Almost garish, these colours made a real splash along the street. This photograph was taken during our visit in November 2014. This collection will feature images and experiences from that visit. I hope you enjoy them.

All of my posts are on my blog: . 
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Thanks +Mario Falcetti 
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Ellie Kennard

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Bending, not Breaking

Some photographs really need no words of explanation.

(But for those who want a bit more): This was another snowy walk on a Sunday afternoon and with the new heavy fall of snow and the bending trees, the light called us along that path and through into the woods. These special times are fleeting and for this reason we treasure them and think of them as a typical winter scene. In reality, these scenes happen very rarely as usually the wind blows it all off the trees as it falls. Now, the snow is almost all gone. So I'm so glad I caught this.

My posts are all on my website: .

#inthelight +In the Light by +andi rivarola
#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Peter Marbaise +Leo Schubert +Mike Hankey +Hans-Juergen Werner +Shannan Crow and +Leanne Cole
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Thanks so much for that comment, +Sandra Nesbit - it was such serendipity to see that light on the other side of the snow laden arch. 

Thanks very much +Alan Gauld - yes, so often people imagine scenes such as this, because this is the rare moment that people photograph. Tonight we have a blizzard raging around us with possible falls of 30-50cm. But with this wind there will be no lovely snow resting on trees. There will be high drifts and impassable roads and possible power outages. And then there will still be us on snowshoes with a booted border collie walking through it all! I'm glad you liked the archway, that was what it was all about, the way those trees and tracks pointed through.

Thank you, Len, it does have such a fairytale look about it, doesn't it? You don't have it in your Aussie back yard, but you have seen it like this in other places. :D

Ellie Kennard

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A Snowy Woodland Brook Journey

A winter walk along a snow covered path through the woods has a special quality of stillness. It's a quiet made of your own muffled, almost soundless footfalls and those of the creatures who made those tiny tracks. You sense that they are hiding with held breath just out of sight under the pillowed snow beside the frozen water in the stream. Your frozen breath hangs in the air, as if afraid to fall and shatter the peace. The lowering sun makes the shadows lengthen silently through the woods, across the brook between the trees. 

My posts are all on my website: .

#hqspmonochrome +HQSP Monochrome curated by +Luis Vivanco S. +Оксана Крысюкова +tri rini nuringtyas and +Giuseppe Petruzzella

#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Peter Marbaise +Leo Schubert +Mike Hankey  +Hans-Juergen Werner +Shannan Crow and +Leanne Cole

#allthingsmonochrome +All Things Monochrome by +Charles Lupica,  +Enrique Pelaez, +Brian Cox,  +Dorian Stretton and +Bill Wood

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins  +Dave Gaylord +Eric Drumm +Jeff Beddow +David D +Bill Wood +Tim Newton +Chandler L. Walker +Ronald Varley +Hamid Dastmalchi +Sylvia Ting 
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+Ellie Kennard You are welcome dear Ellie.

Ellie Kennard

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Snowbank Adventures Part 2

When Joni is leaping around at high speed on top of snow banks you just have to keep on snapping, hoping that some will catch a special moment. This was taken the same time as yesterday's image, but this time she is framed nicely by the green and the snowbank. When she's having so much fun she doesn't always look up when you call her name to try to get her attention. This time she did.

This was the photograph I meant to post yesterday, but mixed them up. So this is a double Joni billing, celebrating the fact that this is the featured image on the +Woof Wednesday​ page #woofwednesday   curated by +Sandra Nesbit​ and +Debbie Drummond​ 
With thanks also to the folks at +HQSP Animals​, #hqspanimals   in particular +Andy Smith+Nicol Eh​ and +Shannon Adelson
And of course to +Animalia​  #animalia  curated by +Adelphe BACHELET​ - merci Adelphe!

_My posts are all on my site: ._
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We shall see if February brings some... :o)

Ellie Kennard

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Café de Paris

When we were in Québec (city) at the end of 2014, we ate in this little café, the Café de Paris and while we waited for our meal, I photographed this part of the restaurant, as the decoration seemed to be unique, if not a bit random in design! It might have been a bit off-putting to have that bust staring disapprovingly at you while you ate, which might explain the empty tables near him, in spite of the temptation of the bottle of champagne! You can see from this post and image that otherwise it was a uniquely romantic environment.

My posts are all on my site: .

#emptychairsandemptytables by +Rob Hallifax
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Exactly so, +Beena R - I have often done that very thing. I have photos of the interior of the local Turkish restaurant - lights, hanging stuff (not sure what it is) and even the light coming through the candles. There is so much when you look around these places.

Ellie Kennard

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My Two Boys

Rupert, our Cornish Rex cat has always had a special love for Steven and will sit at his feet at every meal and wait for a moment such as this when he can be snuggled right next to his face. Often Steven, even when he's holding him is a bit distracted, but at this time I caught them both lost in each other. Rupert is 14, the cat with the sweetest personality we have ever had (and we've had a good few) and seems to need that close connection and affection more than ever. 

I have decided not to take part in a BW project as such this year, but want to continue working in black and white and monochrome where the subject seems right for it, as in this one.

My posts are all on my blog: .

#cornishrex  #Animalia (+Animalia) curated by +Adelphe BACHELET
#hqspmonochrome +HQSP Monochrome curated by +Luis Vivanco S. +Оксана Крысюкова +Nader El Assy +Howard Salmon +tri rini nuringtyas and +Giuseppe Petruzzella
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+Sandra Nesbit cat's meow indeed! I shall tell them both. Thanks a lot, my friend. I always appreciate your comments
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