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Ellie Kennard

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Frozen Beauties

Today it's pouring with rain, dull grey and windy. The leaves have all fallen and the flowers all finished. To cheer myself and everyone else up, I am sharing this photograph of deep frozen Queen Anne's Lace. The details of the tiny flowers that make up the 'platform' of the bloom are exquisite as seen through a macro lens. The flowers are frozen in blocks of ice when they are at their peak and then are preserved until I have time to photograph them (or need freezer space)! Now the Queen Anne's lace plants are just spiky stalks denuded of their blooms, but we have these to remind us of their past (and future) delicacy and glory.

In celebration of the beauties of flowers especially as photographed through ice and with a macro lens to show fine detail, I have created a collection dedicated to this subject.

My posts are on my blog: .

#macro4all +Macro4All by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen, +Walter Soestbergen
#artistphotographeramateurorprofessional +Artist , photographer , amateur or professional curated by +jany viala +Krzysztof Felczak +Chauvin Gene +Dorma Wiggin
#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau, +Ruth Benjamin, +William Banik, +Magy Duarte & +Olivier Poulet
#hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers curated by +Wayne Lu +Iva Pas +10419852001929985760 +Francine Vanlé +Sonya Murray
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Ellie Kennard

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Week 24/26: Around the House

Sometimes other people's houses have more interesting things around them than you can find in your own. This collection of random items was on the front porch of a house not far from us. I loved how everything seemed to have been carefully placed to show each piece off to best advantage. My untrained eye couldn't detect any relationship between any of the pieces. I could only imagine that everything on that table had meaning to the people who had put it there. Closer inspection revealed all kinds of unexpected little surprises. The new G+ does not permit (so far) zooming in but if you can, enlarging the image will reveal some of the stranger additions. There are no children in this house, just in case you wondered.
My posts can all be read in my blog: .

#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery+Brandon Luk+Lauri Novak+Al Chris​ 
#everydaythings +EVERYDAY THINGS​ curated by +luca lancieri+Barbara Manciulli+Nynke B+Boba Musura​
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Thanks very much +Sandra Nesbit - and I have to say that nothing this interesting is around my house, either. I was just really glad I had my camera with me when I saw this!
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Ellie Kennard

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Waiting Patiently

Border collies are working dogs and are happiest when they have a job. That job can be something as fun as playing Frisbee or ball, or as serious as sheep herding or search and rescue. Joni wears this pack often when we go for a walk, partly because it helps to focus her, but also because the weight it carries gives her additional exercise and builds stamina and muscle. When she sees me holding the pack, she walks up and puts her nose into the harness. As soon as it is buckled on her character changes to being calm and serious. She becomes a working dog in fact as well as name.

She is learning to wait patiently for me while I stop to chat with someone or to take a photograph as I was here. She has also learned to drop to a 'down' position wherever she is, when I raise my arms and call her name (this was how the sheep herder told me to train her). She will also come straight back to me and sit by my left side when I call her name and tap my leg. She needs to work a bit more on it as, like a child, at times she becomes distracted and needs a reminder that life is not all about play. But she is getting there. She will soon be 2 years old.

#woofwednesday +Woof Wednesday by +Sandra Nesbit and +Debbie Drummond
#Animalia (+Animalia) curated by +Adelphe BACHELET
#hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals curated by +Andy Smith +Nicol Eh and +Shannon Adelson

#noapologies #bordercollie #puppy #dog  #JonisDiary  #AdayinthelifeofJoni #fansofJoni 
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Ellie Kennard

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The situation had become critical. My freezer was filled with flowers to the point where I had no more room for food. I decided that I had better get some of these blocks of flowery ice out and see what they had  become, frozen forever in the attitude they took when first plunged into the water. In my experience it's not easy to know what will work as far as frozen blooms are concerned. They have a habit of moving around randomly as though alive before they slowly but surely are trapped by the hardening ice. 

This spray of gerbera daisies seems to be full of exultation, almost leaping up with the spikes of bubbles that encase them. I hope they bring a ray of sunshine to the start of your week.

To photograph this I decided to play with the light by using a torch (flashlight) and moving it around during the exposure to bring more light to certain areas. Thanks to the whole team on the #blur  mentorship, including +Alex Lapidus, our wonderful mentor, who introduced so many exciting techniques to our photographic toolbag.

And before you ask, no, I don't seem to have much more room for having released two of the frozen blocks, of which this was one. So I had better get some more out again soon if we are going to be able to eat.

My posts are on my blog: .


#hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers curated by +Francine Vanlé +Iva Pas +kaatje jansen +Sonya Murray +Wayne Lu 
#flowerpower +FLOWER POWER by +Edith Kukla

Taken with a 50mm macro lens, so  #macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau, +Ruth Benjamin, +William Banik, +Magy Duarte & +Olivier Poulet
#macro4all +Macro4All by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen,   +Walter Soestbergen
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Ellie Kennard

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Not so Many or so You Think
Week 23/26: Stacks

This small stack of CDs for the theme for our BW Project reminds me of a trip we made to Canada many years ago, before we moved here. We lived in France at the time, in an area where CDs were not easy to find, sadly, as music is a very big part of our lives. We had an eclectic taste in music and missed  having access to a wide range of genres. They were also very expensive to buy, so our purchases were few and far between. 

By contrast, Canadian music stores had a huge and varied inventory and we spent hours wandering around them making exciting discoveries. They were also cheap and doubly so for us as the dollar was low compared to the French franc. This meant that each trip to the stores saw us coming back to our room with a few more acquisitions to add to the pile.

We spent some time in several places and finally on the last leg of our journey I started to gather things together for the return flight. As I made my way around the room, I found a few stacks of CDs, then a few more, then a few more, under or behind or in boxes and bags or suitcases. I had not realized just how many CDs we had accumulated on that trip, but when I made the count finally, I realized that we had bought about 41 of them! 

We still have them all, still in perfect condition and still treasured, along with the hundreds more we have bought since. We still buy CDs, not digital downloads. These are beautiful musical memories. Have fun reading the titles and seeing which you know (and discover) in this small stack. 
The full list of titles is:
Boz Scaggs: My Time
Boz Scaggs: Memphis
Boz Scaggs: But Beautiful
Boz Scaggs: A Fool to Care
Sade: Stronger Than Pride
Sade: Love Deluxe
Van Morrison: Poetic Champions Compose
Mark Knopfler: Tracker
The Rails: Fair Warning
Richard and Linda Thompson: The End of the Rainbow (an introduction)
Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, David Grisman: Traversata (Italian music in America)
Craig DeMelo: The Whiskey Poet
The Great Piano Concertos - Grieg, Schumann
Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow

(to be continued)

My posts are all on my blog : .

#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery​​​​ +Brandon Luk​​​​ +Lauri Novak​​​​ +Al Chris​​​​ 

#everydaythings +EVERYDAY THINGS​​​​ curated by +luca lancieri​​​​ +Barbara Manciulli​​​​ +Nynke B​​​​ +Boba Musura​​​​

#allthingsmonochrome +All Things Monochrome​​​​ by +Charles Lupica​​​​,  +Enrique Pelaez​​​​, +Brian Cox​​​​,  +Dorian Stretton​​​​ and +Bill Wood​​​​

#monochromeworld +Monochrome World​​​​ by +andi rivarola​​​​
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I'm trying to post something every day...and I'm building up slowly that way too.  But I've been doing so much work.  The layered images I put up today you may have seen, some of them were shown privately in the Blurry mentorship.  But I have a couple more sets (like one on line and water) that I haven't even touched.  I do this work constantly...and love life that way.  though I admit to being a bit out of balance.  It's okay for now.  Just leave me off your list for another day.  I'm done for now and I'll warn you when I'm about to populate another collection.  Now I'm off to see why I didn't get your previous posts!
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Ellie Kennard

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Monarch Butterfly Larvae and Pupa

There is a wonderful children's garden in the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, where I discovered that I am still a child as I enjoyed it just as much as any of the youngsters. When I visited there in September I was thrilled to see these colourful monarch butterfly larvae as well as this pupa (see the pupa image next image in the album or here: ). I had never seen either of these and only identified them with the help of the guide who was happy to explain all about the life cycle of this beautiful (and threatened) species. The guide, herself passionately interested in and very knowledgeable about monarchs, showed us the plants that they preferred and helped us hunt until we found what we were looking for. It was a windy day, though still warm and it was not easy to get a photograph as the plants were blowing around so much, but I was glad to get these to share. 

More information about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly can be found here:
And about the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens here:
My posts are all on my blog:

These are eating their way through the swamp milkweed plants to grow into adults so I hope they qualify for #buggylunch +Buggy Lunch​ by  +Kim Sinclair+Jitte Groothuis​
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Ellie Kennard

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Close Quarters

Once you start really seeing fungi, or mushrooms, you discover that they are everywhere, in places you wouldn't have imagined. I have a friend who loves to photograph them and so on my walks around with Joni I keep my eyes open for possible subjects for her. I almost feel as if they belong to her, so I often don't take a picture myself until I have given shown them to her first to capture. On this occasion I couldn't resist them. The whole stump had perhaps 3 or 4 different varieties or stages, but these had such a wonderful thick smooth skinned clump that I took the photograph anyway.

A couple of days later my friend and I took a walk so she could see and photograph them but were horribly disappointed. Some nature vandals (we have lots of those, sadly) had kicked the whole clump to pieces. So I was just glad that I had taken this picture.

Happy Saturday everyone! It's raining here, perfect weather for growing more of these.

My posts are all on myblog here: .

#shroomshotsaturday +ShroomshotSaturday by +Sabeena LoBello +Patricia A +Keith Elliott
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Very good photos, which introduces us to the world edible mushrooms. Thank you for sharing with us.
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Ellie Kennard

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Man of a Thousand Songs

Sadly we lost Ron Hynes, iconic Newfoundland singer songwriter today. This is one of the most beautiful photographs I have seen of Ron, taken by +Steven Kennard in 2009.

Ron Hynes

Sad news today that Ron Hynes, iconic Newfoundland Singer Songwriter,  "The Man of a Thousand Songs" has died.

I photographed him in 2009 and in 2011. This is from 2009.
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Ellie Kennard

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This poll is closed

Thanks to all who took the time to read and voted for either of us.

#FeatureFriday : Writers & Poets

Meet our two talented Creators: +Ellie Kennard and +Jacob Dix, and click on your favorite Collection!

- Ellie's compelling and engaging stories relate her observations and experiences during her childhood in Canada and years lived in different countries in Europe (
- Jacob writes about personal, funny, interesting, and critical stories and anecdotes from his past, about the places and faces he has been, seen, and met (

Which Collection inspires you the most? The results will be announced on Friday based on Creators' choice.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their text-based Collections. 

Keep writing!
1,961 votes  -  votes visible to Public
"Stories of a Wanderer" by Ellie
"Late Night Reminiscing" by Jacob
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I knew you would of course!
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Ellie Kennard

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Tout Compris
A short story

Tout compris roughly translated from the French means Everything is included, but it can also sound like the meaning Everything is understood. 

This piece, a mini story was written on the back of an envelope, scribbled down feverishly, almost illegibly, while I was sitting on the train. This was a trip I took every Monday and Friday while I commuted to Montmorillon, in France, for my year at the Agricultural college there. I have always loved travelling by train and these words came to me, suddenly crystallizing of the reasons that I do.

Click on the blog link to come with me on this short train ride. Don’t bring a book!

#truestory   #trainrides   #notforblog  
Tous compris roughly translated from the French means Everything is included, but it also means Everything is understood. This piece, a mini story was written on the back of an envelope, scribbled…
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Ellie Kennard

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Reality Check 
1904, Montreal, Canada

"A little boy walks down the streets of Montreal with his father. The child’s name is Eric and he is 8 years old. His father, Thomas holds onto his hand tightly saying little to him along the way, but Eric will remember this walk for the rest of his life..."

Read the rest on my blog to find out what happened to this little family.

1904, Montreal, Canada A little boy walks down the streets of Montreal with his father. The child’s name is Eric and he is 8 years old. His father, Thomas holds onto his hand tightly saying little to him along the way, but Eric will remember this walk for the rest of his life. He will …
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Thanks very much +Karen Cooper  for reading it and the comment. I like the idea of filling a niche! Especially that one. I think the latest one is a bit too much for Google translate, though.
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Ellie Kennard

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Jewels Fit For an Autumn Bride

The webs in this pile of leaves seem to be like jewelled necklaces that hold them together, strung as they are now, with beautiful gems all along them. This is one of my favourite photos taken for the daily photography project I undertook in 2012. I found it again the other day when a friend commented on another webby photo and thought it was worth sharing it again. I always feel really happy when I see it with its warm tones, leathery textures contrasted with the drops and all tied together with these thin filaments of web. I hope it makes you feel the same today!

#macro4all +Macro4All by +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen,   +Walter Soestbergen 
#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau, +Ruth Benjamin, +William Banik, +Magy Duarte & +Olivier Poulet
#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by  +Stefanie Schächtel+Igor Schevchenko +Peter Marbaise +Evi Verstraeten +Anja Wessels
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Gorgeous. It's amazing
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