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"We Germans keep tanks in our basements you know" - +Joerg Fliege 
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Sucks to live in Germany

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One more anti-Hillary, pro-Bernie Sanders post. I promise that this will be the last one for today! It is hilarious that Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, is trying to stop a worker insurrection against the supposed woman-of-the-people, Hillary Clinton. <many gratuitous giggles>
“AFL-CIO leader tries to quell pro-Sanders revolt “there’s a lot of anxiety"”

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Finally, someone said it!
Hillary Clinton and Obama are on the wrong side of history 
Although the article is essentially a left-leaning opinion piece by a mainstream Democrat neoliberal (I think?) it reinforces my politically incorrect perspective that Bernie Sanders and the Tea Party are both on the side of the majority of the people in the United States.

This is what I'm thinking of, as a specific example: Sanders and ultra-conservative Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) are among the few legislators who:
1. are against TPP due to concerns about sovereignty issues;
2. speak out in favor of worker's union members (Sessions is concerned with the unions that have lots of members in his state, e.g. one of the engineer's unions, but that makes sense, as he is supposed to look after the best interests of his constituents);
3. care about veterans and actually do something about it, rather than just mumbling rhetoric;
4. are not Washington insiders, nor tainted by sordid money-power-influence scandals.

I have no idea whether or not Sessions is considered Tea Party or traditional GOP. (I am only citing him as an example, as he isn't running for president.) He always strikes me as sincere and concerned about the well-being of ALL of the people in Alabama, especially the poor and middle-class. Bernie Sanders has that same populist ethic.

I like Bernie Sanders more than Elizabeth Warren, because Warren seems like she could become a creature of the media if necessary. Mainstream media just cannot bring themselves to say good things about Bernie e.g. he is rumpled, a "flawed vessel", too old white and male. Also, Warren was a lawyer on the side of big insurance companies before she got into politics. In contrast, Bernie Sanders was never a corporate lawyer!

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July is a good month for cryptologic history!
From yesterday's Cryptologic Calendar: 25 June 1532: Letter written by Hernán Cortés became the first known use of cryptography in New World:

Per this excerpt from David Kahn's book, "The Codebreakers": "Cortés used a small nomenclator, comprising a homophonic monalphabetic substitution, in which each letter was represented by two or three symbols, together with a few codewords for proper names."
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The breach of OPM data is being described as worse and worse. Obtaining counterespionage-related information seems to have been the objective. Apparently, it is difficult even gauging the scope: "That database is very huge and very old and it has lots of interfaces to it.” 
The breach of the Office of Personnel Management also compromised sensitive information on millions of federal employees and contractors and could have “devastating” effects.

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Ends justifying means again: "Self-serving Altruism" or the lure of unethical actions that benefit others
In three experiments, we propose and find that individuals cheat more when others can benefit from their cheating and when the number of beneficiaries of wrongdoing increases. Our results indicate that people use moral flexibility to justify their self-interested ...

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Very sad news: John Nash, Nobel Prize winner and his wife, Alicia, an MIT physics graduate, were killed in an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike.  
Giovanni Ranzo originally shared to Science:
John Nash died: the great mathematician whose life inspired the movie "A beautiful mind".
Mathematician John Nash, subject of film A Beautiful Mind, dies in a New Jersey taxi crash with his wife, US media reports say
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What if Saturn flew past the Earth
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Where are the Google+ emoji? Needs more American flags!

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This is why you shouldn't use accessory cables for charging phones (if it wasn't obvious already). The +Jawbone cable plugged into my +OnePlus One is only pulling 0.13A out of a 2A+ capable charger. 

I've been playing with a box of older chargers and cables and I'm throwing away probably more than half after testing them with this dongle.

(More info on the tool used here if you missed it:
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I like fire 

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+Aryeh Friedman Show this to Dee. It is cute!
There's something to it... Needs moar virtualization though!
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in the late seventies, I've been paid writing code on Wang 2200, Apple II, HP 9835 and HP 300 machines. With an occasional escape into assembly language, these were all machines provided with ugly primitive BASIC interpreters or compilers, some way more ugly than others (WANG was the worst offender). The software was business oriented, RAM ranged from 12K to 256K iirc.

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Just a tiny little dog... I don't think this one is photoshopped like those Saint Bernard (or maybe Great Dane?) pictures on the interwebz.
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Agreed +Bryan Vukich, at least in part. I'd think it is a wolf mix, quite possibly with a malamute or a husky. Most of the Wolf-dogs I've seen are bigger that actual wolves. This particular one is certainly not small.
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Snake Oil Warning Signs:Encryption Software to Avoid

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So I'm using it to tell you how many people she laid off at HP.


A country's carbon emissions from electricity generation depend on both the quantity of electricity produced and the generation mix. The mix

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