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Ellie Di Julio
Author of the FORGOTTEN RELICS urban fantasy series. Telling lies for fun and profit. Will eat (almost) anything.
Author of the FORGOTTEN RELICS urban fantasy series. Telling lies for fun and profit. Will eat (almost) anything.

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{New Post!} Merry Bookmas! A book-buying guide for the holidays

A handy list of books, short stories, poetry, and games for your holiday gift-giving needs. (And hey, maybe pick up a present for yourself while you're at it...)

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{New Post!} When you want to shake the baby

This is a story about the one piece of wisdom that almost never gets shared with new moms. It's time to stop hiding and half-joking about it and bring it into the light.

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{New Post!} Quick, before the baby wakes up

Remember when I had a blog? Yeah, me, neither. gets locked out after too many incorrect passwords blows spiders out of comments section tries to remember how a keyboard works So, uh, turns out that having a baby takes up a lot of your day. Stop…

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{New Post!} Love in the time of burnout (or: how I killed and resurrected my writing career)

It took me two years to run my writing career into the ground, ten months to get over it, and a single instant to understand what I'd done and the one thing that could bring it back.

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Of returns and expectations

This is just a little note to say that the word factory is reopening! Here's a smidge of what you can expect from me, my site, and my writing in the future.

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nervously makes announcement

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The State of the Ellie: Be Still

Turns out, quitting writing didn't result in an explosion of new projects, ideas, or art. Instead, I've found something better.

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My dearest darlings, I have a Very Important Announcement to make, and it's big and scary and I'm more than a little sweaty, but it's a thing that needs to be said/done.

Questions, comments, concerns are welcome. Hugs, doubly so.
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Finally!  MIRROR OF ASHES is live and ready to ruin your life.

checks notes

I mean, "entertain and amuse you."  That one. Yes.

#amreading   #fantasy   #books  

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