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Well at least it is a better way to organize stuff on evernote, so I give it a chance. Especially on android the integration is great. Notes I make with the HTC flyer are uploaded on evernote, so a better archive system was necessary. Been already familiar with GTD and knowing it works this is problaby the answer.
Btw. If you make circle with only your evernote mailing adress in it, it makes it possible to store interesting post from here directly on evernote. This works also for your email adress (or others).
Looked into it, but I had already hit that "looks relaxed and get's everything done" spot, so no need to muck with my system. From what I saw it should work fine though.
I am a big fan of GTD, helped me out a lot. but I was not aware off this. thanks!
I spent some time with this yesterday, watched all the videos and set it up. It's very thoughtful and practical. Just one thing missing: automatic reminders, which I've come to rely on. First world dilemma, right here. :D

Evernote is great if you want expansive notes about tasks and creation from email, but it won't send an email reminder.

Remember the Milk [] has everything already set up, including reminders and daily lists. But the note function is weak.

Check out too. It's awesome for team tasking.
Yes, that's missing. Probably best to set a reminder in your agenda to check evernote a few times a day if necessary. I set it up also today, but need to tag all notes (did already 50). Every evening I check my to-do's for the next day and reserve time in my agenda for the 'now' tasks. I already found out that it gives a good idea of what kind of things I am busy with. It certainly gives some rest.
Just found the solution for the lack of a reminder: . You can send a email which you can set on a date and time. I haven't tried yet but keep you posted on this.
I use and Both work well. There are message limits to the free versions.

I'm a Gmail user and I was just thinking that those Tags we set up in Evernote could be labels and sub-labels in Gmail. That, together with a mail postponing app like, could eliminate the need for any task app at all. For me. Maybe.

Might be fun to experiment. :)
haha.. could be ;-) I heard several already talk about Gmail using as also a taskmanager, and I think with labelling GTD based and followupthen this could be done. Evernote should have a way to send email directly from the site itself for the notes I make, or I could make just notes in Gmail. looks very interesting. I'm putting it in my TSW in Evernote for tomorrow. The more I use this TSW method, the more impressed I am by it. Using Evernote makes it far more scalable than any productivity app I've tried since the days when I lugged around a huge leather Daytimer and had a "secretary."

You can create a task then merge tasks, drag in images, add links and voice notes. Pretty soon, by adding to your task item you're actually adding to the body of the project and getting it done. It's very cool.

For example, I have a task item to write a letter to a government agency about a street project. I added an image of the project and started drafting the letter in Evernote. Why not? :)
With ActiveInbox the labelling is very easy. You can customize it. Now I have 1.Action 2.Next 3.Soon 4.Later 5.Someday. You can also Label on projects, time, context and user. The labelling occurs organized on the left side. For instance all projects under P/(project) and T/(time it takes to do) and C/ on context for instance C/call and U/user (type in name). The only thing is that it now only works on Chrome. I have no Chrome on the mobile yet. But you can still use the labels by typing it in.
Ok I am behind now on all the specs. I need to add all these functionalities!! This is a post i need to label ;-) Thank you very helpfull!!
I think ActiveInbox looks great, very innovative. But for me, maybe it's more than is needed. And I want to keep Gmail as minimalist as possible.

There's also Right Inbox, which adds Send Later and Track (read receipt) to Gmail.

I added the 6 "When" labels from TSW to Gmail, and nested them under a label for Action. If I don't want to forward to Evernote, I can label, mark as unread and archive. So they're still visible in the left column, like in Evernote. Here's a screenshot:

Getting the inbox empty is good for my mental health. :D
Ok, I have it too now also. But now the Actions etc are on top of the page. I like it that I only have to click on it. When finished, I can archive it without the labels. But I reckon you are more experienced with all the features of Gmail. I am not.
You've got it. I label everything in Gmail that I don't delete outright, mostly using filters. So when I remove the Action label, it'll still have it's original label/s for the sender, project, etc.

My big problem with email is all the fun and interesting subscription mail I get and don't have time to read. All that gets auto-labeled and skips the Inbox, so I can read it later if I have time.

This has been a very useful thread, Ellen. Thanks for starting it. TSW is going to be helpful for my large projects, which have many component tasks. For one-off "to-dos," I think I I'll keep using; at least, for now.
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