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Enjoyed hearing all these songs with cello.

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A poem I wrote, with some musical enhancement.
Poem text:
Love one another.
This is our story.
This we try to live.
Jesus an example,
a life of love;
his death a story of love.
Can we do half as well to be love to others?
We try.
We love one another as best we can
and we learn and strive to do better,
examples for one another.
God is love, and we are his hands, his feet, his voice.
“My honor is to try and my duty is to love”.

(The quote at the end, and the song at the end of the video, is from the song “On My Honor”, a Girl Scout song written by Cindy Dasch.)

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This is an update of a poem I wrote in 2005. Some of the updates fit in a bit awkwardly. Not perfect poetry, but it captures something.

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So, in the new version of Google+, is there any way to look at individual circles? Because most people I know with Google+ post as much as I do, about once every 6 months or so. It's nice to be able to view them separate, with out the notably more active Dr. Who community thing I follow, so I can see if I missed something.

Seriously not happy with some websites running slow. Like something out there on the Internet is causing some websites to run slow, but not others. Grrr.

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