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Happy to see we are on the list! 
Google Fiber is looking to expand and the Raleigh/Durham area is on that short list of potential cities. What impact can that have on the city and residents?
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How has having a  baby changed your finances?
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MFR is now on Google+!
Sharing Reviews, Perspectives, and Tips on Building Your Net Worth
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We're using these tips on our car hunt.
Paleo diets, polyphasic sleep, jail-broken kindles – if you recognize these you’re probably a hacker, and we’d like to share some tricks to do with automotive purchasing that we’ve gleaned from loo...
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My latest post on Go Banking Rates is up and it's all about buying a house as a couple
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An increasing number of couples are experiencing financial infidelity. How much would you spend without telling your spouse?
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LOL, me too! Anything more and I run it by my husband. He's a great sounding board.
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Love to share cool giveaways! 
If you like $200 and/or gift cards, you may like my giveaway and/or new site being launched :)

Check it here:
We hook up with The Real Deal – RetailMeNot’s new online magazine – and give away a $200 Visa gift card! Good luck winning!
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Hi Elle,

I have good PR and DA sites on Every theme .
Please let me know if you are interested to write for my sites..
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Question of the week on Couple Money -> Do you regularly take cash out from the ATM?
Live on One Income, Have Fun with the Second. Learn how to increase your net worth, save on family expenses, and invest for the future.
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+Elle Martinez Hello Elle and I am a content writer. I am quite interested in a guest post submission for your site couplemoney .com.Please let me know if you would be interested.
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How to Buy a Car from a Private Seller and Avoid a Lemon via @bargainr
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What a fun contest!
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Do you wonder why your readers don't take action when you ask them to?
The Most Common Word at My House

As a father of 3 boys - 5 and under - there is a word that gets uttered a lot in our house. I'm sure other parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, child care workers and others with kids in their lives will know what it is.


• Why do i have to brush my teeth?
• Why are their clouds in the sky?
• Why do you have to feed the baby... again?
• Why do have to wear clothes and not my PJs to grandpas birthday party?
• Why does daddy get more chips than me?
• Why does poo smell so bad?
• Why do I have to go to bed now?

The questions come fast and while there are a few 'what, when, where or how' questions mixed in - 'why' questions seem to dominate - at least at our place.

Of course why questions are a normal healthy part of a child's life. They're curious little beings and asking 'why' is partly about making sense of this world they live in.

The other part of the 'why' obsession is a little different. It has more to do with gathering information to help them make decisions.

Take 'why do I have to wear clothes and not PJs to grandpas birthday party' for example. Behind that question is a 3 year old trying to work out what to wear to grandpas birthday party and whether to make a stand on it being PJs.

What he's really trying to work out (in his own little way) are the benefits of getting dressed as opposed to wearing PJs to the party. As his parent - if I can give him some compelling benefits of one or the other option - I'm hopefully (and it doesn't always work with 3 year olds) going to convince him to make a good decision.

As a result after many 'why' questions there is always a 'because…' sentence.

• Because your PJs are not clean
• Because we want to show Grandpas your brand new party shirt
• Because you'll match daddy if you wear your clothes
• Because nobody else will be wearing PJs
• Because I'll give you a chocolate if you wear your clothes (last resort bribery)
• Because I said so! (last resort - only occasionally works if said in the write tone of voice)

Why isn't just a 'kids' Word
While my boys will mature in many areas of their life - they are unlikely to ever stop asking 'why'. I know this because it's still a word that I use all day every day. Not always a spoken word - but definitely one that echoes in my mind all day long as I make decisions.

In fact almost any time I come to make any kind of decision - big or small - I suspect 'why?'
is a word I ponder.

• Why should I buy the Volvo over the Mazda?
• Why should I go for a run today?
• Why should I read a book to my boys?
• Why should I buy this App eBook?
• Why should I give money to that Charity?

The questions are big and small, important and insignificant - but 'why' is a word I ponder almost every time. The 'because' responses can be compelling…. or at times can be as simple as 'because it will make me feel good'.

Why is this Relevant to Bloggers?
As bloggers I think it's good to know this - because 'why?' is also something that your readers will be asking as they read your blog - constantly.

Every time you ask your readers to do anything - 'why' is what they'll be wondering to themselves?

• Why should I read this blog?
• Why should I subscribe to that newsletter?
• Why should I read this post?
• Why should I tweet out a link to this?
• Why should I buy that eBook?
• Why should I bookmark this?

Readers are asking these 'why' questions almost every time you ask them to do anything explicitly (and sometimes just as they decide if or how to use your blog).

Knowing this - you should be in a position to respond. As you look at your blog on a big picture level as well as when you're doing micro tasks like writing posts - identifying the 'why' moments and then providing compelling 'because' statements can be a very effective exercise.

Sometimes you might just weave this into your writing in a gentle way - but other times you might explicitly give voice to the 'why' questions and then give 'because' statements.

Let me give you an example:
One of the important points of 'action' that we have on Digital Photography School is around the selling of our eBooks. It's not the first action we call people to - but for the sustainability of the site it is obviously important that we generate income.

So as we put an offer to readers I'm very aware that they'll be asking a series of 'why' questions including:

• Why should I buy this eBook?
• Why is the topic relevant to me?
• Why an eBook, why not a 'real' book?
• Why buy this eBook over buying another eBook?
• Why should I trust this site to deliver value?

Identifying some of these main 'why' questions allows me to begin to answer them in the marketing material for it.

I first did this exercise on dPS with our very first eBook after reading some work by Michael Daehn (and some of Michael Fortin's work on 'why'). Michael Daehn talks in a case study in which they found that explicitly using the word 'because' in your marketing had real impact.

The resulting sales page for our best selling Portrait eBook ( includes this section:

Why Invest in The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography?

Lets answer the question of WHY this is a resource for you:

• Because it will teach you how to take portraits with that 'wow' factor
• Because it contains our very best portrait photography tips on 25 topics – all in the one easy to read book.
• Because it has inspiring illustrations to show how the teaching along side them can be implemented
• Because each page is Packed with teaching – there’s no padding here
• Because you get 6 Bonus Interviews with Pro Photographers who make a living from taking Portraits
• Because you get a 30 Day No questions asked Money Back Guarantee
• Because you get it immediately – there’s no delivery fee because it is a downloadable ebook.

If you look over the marketing material surrounding our other photography eBooks (we have 9 now - you can see them at you'll see similar 'because' paragraphs in a number of them.

Not only that - but most of what you see in other parts of our sales pages also emerges out of answering 'why' questions. Identifying the real 'benefits' rather than just listing 'features' gives a reason why what you're offering is worth acting upon.

Again - this isn't just about 'selling' products or services - it's about any action you might ask people to take whether that be subscribing, commenting, sharing or even just reading.

So - if you want readers to act upon your calls to action:

• Identify the 'why' questions your readers will be asking in different parts of your blog
• Identifying the 'benefits' of taking an action
• Provide 'because' statements (whether they be explicitly stated with the word 'because' or not)

You can do this exercise on a post by post level, on sales pages, thinking about your navigation and site wide calls to action, services pages, advertisers pages, even on your social media profiles!

Because it works (and I'll give you chocolate if you do).

DISCUSS: What do you think? Do you think about 'why' questions and 'because' statements? Would love to hear your feedback - this is a draft for a ProBlogger post and I'd love to include some of your thoughts.
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Very good article. I like your point about identifying the 'why' quesitons that my readers will be asking.
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