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A lovely Sunday at Sebastian Inlet State Park, I wish all my Sundays could be this much fun!
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Thanks +jose garcia, it is a wonderful place.
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Great little 5 minute tutorial here from +Mark Vang exploring some of the things that you can see and do with a post. I learnt how to grab the link to a post, which I could have done with knowing last week when I was trying to explain something!

It's always nice to hear +Prince the Cockatiel weighing in too!
Google Plus Tips - Hidden features in posts.

A quick video that might be helpful to new Google+ users.

#googleplustips   #plustips  
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+Elle Hubbard I need to time Prince. I think he was running on a regular "squeak" cycle during this one. Thanks for sharing!
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Elle Hubbard

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What I particularly liked about this blog article from +Beth Browning is that it gives me the 10 types of headline, as promised, but also gives examples. I love to have examples as they help me to form the ideas for my own use. 
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It's an oddity for sure. 
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Web design mistakes.

I built my first website using Front Page back in 2001. I certainly made a few of these mistakes back then!
My Biggest Web Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
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Elle Hubbard

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This really useful article from +Mike Allton gives incredibly practical steps to follow to breathe new life into blog posts that are gathering dust instead of working hard. I certainly plan to take a look in that cupboard and bring a few important posts back up to full speed.
Are Your Old Blog Posts Dying?

We all have them. Those old posts that we thought for sure would be a steady stream of search traffic for months and months, yet they're just sitting there. Unloved and unwanted.

Sometimes it's for good reason, like when the information just isn't accurate or complete any more. But if you have strong articles that just aren't getting the kind of attention you think they deserve, REVIVE them!

+Mark Traphagen pointed out a while back that even minor updates and changes can help give a post a boost since Google sees the activity, and today's article dives into both the Why and the When, as well as offering 6 different ways you can breathe fresh life into old blog content, bringing in new search engine traffic and social media interest.

Learn more: 

Thanks, and if you have other ideas or examples of articles that you've updated with great success, please share!

#Blogging   #ContentMarketing  #SEO 
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Thanks +Elle Hubbard!
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Some very clever, funny and quick thinking brand ads here.

H/t +Adrian Bold
Tube strike: 10 brands marketing in the moment

Some opportunistic and fast thinking marketers respond to the London Underground strikes.

Particular favourites are from Get Taxi and Essentia Consulting! 

Have you spotted any other great marketing during the tube strikes?

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Elle Hubbard

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I don't know where stock photography fits into photographers plans, but if it does, this looks an interesting deal.

H/t +Christine DeGraff
Earn 70% As A Stock Photography Contributor

After having a conversation with a close friend here on G+ and consulting with my other half, we are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Commissions from 50% to 70%. This includes all existing contributors.

Why Are We Doing This?

We see our Contributors as an Asset rather than a  commodity. We recognize and appreciate the creativity and hard work that Photographer's put in to their creations. We want to reward our Contributors with some of the highest paid commissions in the Stock Photography industry. Not to mention this would be a great way to attract talented artists from every part of the world.

If you are a Stock or Media Photographer, then we want to hear from you. 

Apply Here:

At +GenStockPhoto Our goal is to provide a creative alternative to traditional stock photo agencies by making the Photographer our priority. It's our mission to create high quality, safe and legal stock images that give web and print publishers the confidence in knowing that anything they publish from our site will be 100% Royalty Free.

If anyone has any questions about how this works, our screening process or our Quality Assurance policies, feel free to contact me or my wife here on Google+. We are accessible on Hangouts, email or telephone.

P.S. I wrote this during an Earthquake so forgive me for any typos or misspellings. I'm a bit shaken up.

ping +Erin A.D. +Tammy Cook +Christine DeGraff +Dustin W. Stout +Rich Martinez +Deborah Tutnauer +Randy Hilarski +Anabell Hilarski +Neil Ferree 

#stockphotography #photography   #genstockphoto  
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Good point +Malcolm Oakley
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Deposit money in the parking meter if you wish to tie your elephant

Great share by +Ana Hoffman 
When driving in Minnesota, remember: it’s illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head.


Every family has a black sheep and every state has a driving law that would make you scratch your head.

For instance:

♨ In Michigan it's illegal to sit in the middle of the street to read your newspaper.
♨ In South Carolina it's illegal to store trash in your vehicle.
♨ It's illegal to frown at a police officer in New Jersey.
♨ It's illegal to cross state lines in Minnesota with a duck on your head.
♨ In Idaho it's illegal to drive a motorcycle if you're over the age of 88.

See more fun driving facts at +DashBurst :
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ha! not sure - but clearly it is very bad... :)
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Elle Hubbard

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+Anca Bradley has produced a very clear article answering just the question I have long wondered about.

H/t to +Georges-Emanuel Hurubaru for sharing.
I've had a few conversations lately with some of my clients about dashes vs underscores. Although many SEOs say this doesn't really make a difference, I say let's go with what Google says it's "best practices." Thoughts?

Check out my post about it: Why Punctuation Matters: Dashes vs. Underscores in Your Site’s URL:
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+Elle Hubbard I think that I might have made a presentation to go with that HOA. It's the one with +Eric Wickham and he had a lot of good tips. The presentation link should be on the YT video but I'll double-check that later.
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I might have to give Evernote another try after reading this.

Thanks to +Stan Bush
Smart Strategy & Tactics Net Evernote Success

I am fired up to share today my first book offering - Evernote Success: Strategy and Tactics To Set Up A Successful Evernote Environment

This is an Evernote getting started guide, establishing a strategy based on Evernote's 7 core features. To get users from "How do I use Evernote?" to "I use Evernote to maximize my efficiency and productivity."

This book is also be ideal for those who love Evernote but are not able to get to the next level.

Here is a link to the download:

I look forward to your feedback for those who take the plunge!

Join the Evernote community:

#evernote #selfpublishing #selfpub #selfpublish 
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Thanks for sharing +Elle Hubbard!
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All of our pre-paid rental vouchers include all the insurances, taxes and fees required to drive legally in the USA or Canada along with unlimited mileage.

Reservations can be easily made online, or by direct communication with me, for those clients who like to speak with a real person, and have one point of contact to deal with everything for them.

I also own and write Florida Homes and Travel, a monthly newsletter for owners of Florida Vacation homes.  The newsletter has been published continuously since 1989, and I have owned and published it since 2002. 

Since arranging car hire for my subscribers all of that time and often in other parts of the USA to Florida, in 2011 I decided to expand our online car hire coverage to the whole of the USA and Canada, which gave rise to TripWheels.
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I love On Track Tips! The tips are always useful, the shows are short and FULL of content with so many learning points. Jason is a brilliant presenter, giving so much energy to the audience and guests - who are really great guests that also happily share more tips and tricks!
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