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Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out!

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Could You Know A People Pleaser?

People pleasers. We all know some. In fact, many of us can be one. But at what cost?

When we’re people pleasers, we look to other people to validate and accept us. We subject our inner peace to the whim of their emotions and how they feel about us on any given moment. Their acceptance (or rejection) of us is usually arbitrary and often not based on any objective criteria.

Our acceptance should come only from within ourselves. We shouldn’t allow anyone else’s random opinions to determine our self-worth. Instead, we need to be our own best supporter and encourager and not look to others to fill this role.

So, could you be a people pleaser? Starting today, let’s stop looking outside of ourselves for the affirmation we crave and start looking in the mirror and giving ourselves the encouragement we all need.

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