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Elizabeth Richardson
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids

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I've been working as a self employed web designer, successfully published author & photographer since 2009. I LOVE what I do.

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Don’t wait for something good to happen … practice your way towards it.

Don’t wait for the ideal client, practice adding so much value to whoever comes along that the ideal client just shows up too.

Don’t wait for the perfect relationship, practice loving yourself so much that the perfect mate sees how to do it too.

Don’t wait to win the lottery, practice enjoying life so much that in every moment you feel like you’re a winner too. ~ ER

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If I was perfect, you wouldn't learn how to love, you'd keep believing that love is about the quality of others instead of being expressed through the qualities you find deep inside yourself. ~ ER

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The “biggy”, the one thing I want to remember most of all, the one thing that makes life work best for me is …

… when

No matter how bad I think I must have been, no matter how ugly I think I look, no matter how many mistakes I might have made and no matter what anyone else might say about me. ~ ER

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I DON’T QUESTION MY DECISIONS … The immense power of any decision, is when I stay aligned with it … not to entertain doubt, not to to speak of failure and to know that all universal forces join with me in creating momentum forward, no matter what I’ve asked for.

I DON’T QUESTION MY DECISIONS … I just stay faithful to them. ~ ER

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IT DOESN’T TAKE MUCH … for momentum to swing the other way

a deeper breath,
a lighter thought,
a gentler approach,
a cry for help,
a hearty laugh,
a crazy moment,
a calmed mind,
a soothing word,
a silly smile,
a ridiculous joke,
a different angle,
a relaxed body,
a broader perspective,
a quieter response,
a heartfelt apology,
a moment of connection,
a simple tear.

Gentle change starts here!

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Thank you for the goodness in front of us.
Thank you for the friends beside us.
Thank you for the roof that shelters us.
Thank you for the love circulating in, through and all around us.

Thank you for the passion that propels us.
Thank you for the joy that exudes from us.
Thank you for the peace that abides in us.
Thank you for the abundance that’s gifted to us.

Thank you for the food that nourishes us.
Thank you for the choices that excite us.
Thank you for the air and water that sustains us.
Thank you for incredible bodies that continue to adapt in spite of us.

Thank you for thoughts that encourage us.
Thank you for words that soothe us.
Thank you for actions that value, cherish and acknowledge us.
Thank you for relationships which nurture, comfort and move us.

Thank you for the animals that balance us.
Thank you for the natural world that surrounds us.
Thank you for the people who really care about us.
Thank you for death which provides instant relief for us.

Thank you for the fun that explodes in us.
Thank you for the opportunities that are attracted to us.
Thank you for the desires that are strong in us.
Thank you for the creations that manifest because of us.

Thank you for beliefs that uplift us.
Thank you for our emotions that firmly guide us.
Thank you for the flow of Universal Energy that replenishes us.
Thank you for Infinite Intelligence that’s inspired though us.

Thank you for the contrasting experiences that expand us.
Thank you for Divine Life that effortlessly breathes us.
Thank you for the Grace that showers over us.
Thank you for everything that’s so readily available to restore us, enhance us and truly empower us.

~ ER February 2017

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Instead I explore what’s working – happily, joyfully, faithfully, playfully, lovingly, endlessly. ~ ER

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Whatever I give my attention to first thing in the morning, has enough “energy” to set the mood for my entire day. Choose wisely. ~ ER

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YOUR DREAMS ARE PURE … When you pay too much attention to what you think other people are wanting, you lose sight of what’s possible for YOU to create.

But, when you stay gently focused on YOUR dreams, doors open, pathways unfold, opportunities present themselves that you otherwise might not have imagined possible.

ALIGN WITH “YOUR” DREAMS … not with someone elses dreams, not with their limitations, not with their way of doing things.

YOUR dreams have incredible pulling power, to draw circumstances, events, opportunities and people that some may call coincidence, luck or fate, but you will know what it really is – the ability to stay faithful to what is certainly your birthright – to know real joy, real prosperity, real intimacy in relationships and a real mission that sings loudly to your soul. ~ ER

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