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Elizabeth Richardson
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids
uplifter, author, web designer, pro photographer, mother of 6 fabulous kids

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I've been working as a self employed web designer, content creator, successfully published author & photographer since 2009. I LOVE what I do.

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I WOKE UP THIS MORNING … and decided to have a magnificent day.

I took a few really deep breaths and RELAXED my mind.
I gazed out at the view and PRAISED the beauty of nature.
I ate my breakfast mindfully and GAVE THANKS for the life giving food.
I thought about the people I love and APPRECIATED their presence in my life.
I looked with deliberate intent at my body and noted all of its POSITIVE ASPECTS.
I decided to STAY FEELING GOOD for as long as I could, and if I happen to fall out of my “happy place”, that’s OK, I know I can get right back up again tomorrow.

Enjoying the process. ~ ER

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I’d like to thank the people who've caused upset in my life,
for without you I would never have walked into THE SOLUTION
that has taken me straight to the opportunity of my dreams. ~ ER

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Nothing can stop me. ~ ER

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GOOD THINGS KEEP HAPPENING … even if you’re not fully aligned, even if you’ve made some mistakes, even if you’re not yet high and happy, even if you’ve temporarily lost your mojo, even if you’re not at the peak of your game, even if you’ve attracted something confronting, even if you’re not feeling loving or connected or clear.

Good things keep happening, without needing to do anything at all.

Relax and allow. Relax and allow. Receive the benefit now! ~ ER

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Power in a relationship doesn't come from the ability to control my partners behaviour!

Real empowerment comes from knowing I can direct my focus and find a multitude of things that do please me, that draw more of a positive response, that make me happy about who I'm being, that feel like heaven and that make me shine, despite how my partner is behaving at the time. ~ ER

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IT’S NATURAL TO FEEL GOOD … let go the struggle, release the pain, put down the burden, give up the fight, and allow your own inner being, to guide you gently home. ~ ER

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Find out why we stay in unhealthy relationships ... and remember, the most important relationship is the one I have with myself. ~ ER

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THE GOOD NEWS IS … it doesn't matter what other people around us are thinking, doing or attracting into their life, it only takes ONE person who is vibrant, loving, happy, energetic, accepting and deeply connected to their own inner guidance to change the attraction point of an entire family, a community or even millions of people (just as Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama have done) … and the person who can make the most profound impact of all right now, is YOU! ~ ER

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STRUGGLE IS … when you assume the big pleasures of life are harder to obtain than the simple ones.

CONSCIOUS CREATING IS … when you relax and allow the big pleasures to unfold as easily and naturally, as you expect the simple ones to do.

“I don’t need to prove I’m worthy. I can have it, just because I want it.” ~ ER
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