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Elizabeth Parmenter
Is she she she promised to the night??
Is she she she promised to the night??

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Modest Mouse show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Great show!
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Tucker...not bad.

Ed Reed was released by the Texans?!

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This is gross. I had no idea!

So...will Ed Reed play against us next week? Anyone heard an update on him?

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I added "Rice" above the word milk. :)
The school I work at just received this. Now, to add 'Soy' above milk without anyone noticing. :) Oh, yeah, Ray Rice! Go Baltimore!

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So, my fellow vegan peeps. I'm doing this detox during the long weekend. This is my first cleanse. Has anyone tried this before or have any pointers?

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This is disturbing. 
If you inject #bunny embryos with #jellyfish #DNA and then reinsert them into their mama rabbit, what do you expect you'll get? The #fluorescent protein that makes jellyfish glow also creates #glowinthedark bunnies.

Researchers from Hawaii and Turkey have also genetically modified kittens, puppies and monkeys in a similar way. #geneticallymodified #geneticengineering  

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These 90 cats were saved. I can't imagine how many were lost. 
90 cats have been saved from becoming dinner. Police in #Thailand rescued the cats near the border of #Vietnam where cats are considered a delicacy. The driver/smuggler was paid the equivalent of $63 for each delivery of cats, totally worth it!

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