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Good afternoon/evening/morning G+:
I have a problem and am looking for help.
Like many others, I have been unemployed for 1 1/2 years now and have been actively seeking a JOB (average of 5 to 10 resumes sent out daily). I am running out of benefits and will have no income within the month.
I am not looking for nor do I want sympathy, just gainful employment.
Here are some of my qualifications:

Employee management
Budgeting and financial analysis
Point-of-Sale solutions
Food service regulations
Marketing and event planning
Inventory management
Personnel training and mentorship
Labor cost analysis
I am willing to relocate almost anyplace
All I want is the chance to work again.
I am sending this out public, so as to reach as many people possible who may have a job or who may know someone that does.
For a complete resume or further information, please Private Message me or via email @
Thank you for your time;
Elizabeth Lund
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Good luck, +Elizabeth Lund I'm going on 2.5 years myself, so just wanted to send you some positive mojo!
I have re-shared & will keep my eyes and ears open for anything Liz <3
Send you an email, might have an idea. Couldn't hurt :)
Wes Lum
Just shared...positive thoughts!
Reshared here..... I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday!
Grocery Outlet's corporate office in Berkeley, CA is hiring for a couple positions that might be a good fit. Best of luck to you, I know it's tough out there!
Just shared! I'm out of work as well, so I know how it is!
+Brett Gibson I would be willing to relocate, is there any websites that you could recommend for looking for positions in Australia?
my advice - forget the paperwork (resumes, applications etc) go door knocking! Good Luck
+Anthony Park I will consider your offer but was looking for a job with either hourly or salary position!
Elizabeth, where are you located? You may want to look at This is the 2nd largest employer in the state of Hawaii. You might find something there. Also... try working with a head hunter firm. Usually the businesses pay for the fees. It costs nothing for you. ;-)
Tai Mi
try here:

if that doesn't work, just search the site for careers.
there's a financial analysis position in iowa....actually, there's a bunch of things in iowa and several other states. i just did a general search for the US, so don't be deterred by the research assistants they're looking for.
this company has places all over the US (includes hawaii) and the world. there's a lot of money with them, so they're a pretty stable company.
anyways, just a thought.
Shared. Since you loved your work as cheese monger, have you visited upscale grocery stores with in-house cheese shops? Or boutique cheese shops in upscale shopping districts? Wegman's is a store with several locations on the East Coast with an imported cheese department that has several employees per shift. What about companies which produce artisan cheeses, either here or in Europe?
if you lived in Canada i would hire you to be my bestest friend.
: )
Hi Elizabeth.

Sorry to hear of your circumstances, and even sorrier that I have nothing to offer but information - which could lead to discovering advice of extraordinary value.

I have read Steve Chandler's work for some years; he published a book entitled 'Fearless'.

If you go to the site below you can download it for free.

If for no other reason than that it has some really enriching advice I urge you to explore this.

I really hope that the support shown here, and my own small and inconsequential offering, gets you through this temporary setback.

Have a meaningful day.
Thank you so much for the your positive thoughts +john petherick
and I will download, I think I have read but can not remember at this time!
Not sure I can do anything for you other than share this post and hope for the best.
I just shared your post, +Elizabeth Lund. I hope something good will turn up soon for you, Liz.
Just shared your post and if there is anything you need let me know.
I sell houses on commission and know that it is a tough way to go but may be a door for you. We hire photographers and website people and office people. Getting your license is not that hard and could be a stepping stone into more work.
I love all of you, thank you so much . . . <3
Forwarding the Aust Envirojobs email to you ...
+Elizabeth Lund I work for a company that runs a lot of Subway franchises in Utah. We are growing and there is a lot of change over due to the nature of the industry. After looking at your qualifications you would probably start out as under employed, but have the opportunity to move up the ladder fairly quickly. You have a lot of the qualifications that we look for in our management level positions. Let me know if you are interested and I can pass your resume on to our Senior area manager that does the hiring.
Thank you +Ryan Bickmore I would be willing to look at the opportunity, please send and email to my email so that I can send you my resume!
I have to go to bed it is almost 11PM here in Ohio!
I promise to follow up on all the emails and the job postings tomorrow when I can actually read them! LOL and hehehe
Once again thank you all for throwing all these leads my way!
Good luck with the job search. I have forwarded your info on to my circles. Feel free to add yourself to mine.
Shared on my available channels.
Best of Luck to you!
You can hang with me too, I drive fast, sleep very little, and have 3 dogs that will lick your face if you get sad ♥
I wish you all the best and good luck with this.I am looking for a job too because my old one got me sick.Let's hope all the best :)
Oh . . . .that is so generous of you +James Slevin I would love to see Ireland. However I would not want to impose on anyone already having a tough time! I will keep you offer in mind Thank you is insufficient!
Oh +Cheryl Cooper will keep your offer in mind, lets hope I can find something and not have to impose on anyone! I may talk to you about what you do for work and what it would take . . . but is anyone able to buy houses at this point in time? lol
+David Kaiser let me now what you are looking for/need any if these leads would work for you and I will forward information along to you. Send your email address to mine! Hang in there, I can relate to you 100%!
+James Slevin what a generous offer you made to my friend, and +Cheryl Cooper I wish I could offer a place to her, but she would not like sleeping on the floor. E, sometimes when the offer is made with love, it isn't imposing. Love you, my friend <3
mighty strong ripple action there girlfriend
I see that, I had never looked at those before!
I am blown away!
Dayum, I'm employed, reasonably happy, and in good shape overall economically--but if you don't seriously consider +James Slevin 's offer: Can I?

I'd leave it all.

It's friggin' Ireland, in the company of a very generous couple; good people+good location=good timesxgood photography!!
Oh, you mean I can vicariously vacation there? Even better! (I do like my job/life...I'd just like some different weather for a bit...oh, and a good Ireland brew...)
I just recently managed to leave the dreaded land of unemployment...Unfortunately, I have no opportunities to offer, but I shall wish you the best of luck.
i was thinking about you all night last night.
{no... not like that ... gawd, well, maybe just a little}
i am sending all my good "getAjob" vibes your way!!
At the rate of resumes you've sent out this is probably a pointless suggestion but have you gone to the Whole Foods site? Will send you lots of positive thouhts - we went through this in our household - one month away from benefits running out. Hang in there!
Thanks again Ms. kim LeftMEGigglingAGAIN
Thank you +Lorene Lavora and yes +Lorene Lavora have applied many times . . . they seem to not be fond of former Wild Oats employees :(
Too bad... We miss our Wild Oats here in Princeton!
Just wanted to wish you luck, 1,5 years for me too and I'm not so qualified, so your post got me a bit down. A big hug from Spain.
{{{{HUGS}}}} from Ohio +Vicky GP good luck to you also, it is a rotten situation to have to live through!
I'm willing to review your resumé and give suggestions, which I've done for a lot of other people in the past. Always include Word, PDF and plain text if sending by email, and turn off the HTML mode in your mail program, for people who print out the applications and read them over lunch and put the promising but not-today ones in a filing cabinet for later :D

There's an award-winning goat cheese company here (on a huge island in Lake Ontario, near the town of Picton, ON) Fifth Town, although I don't know that they're hiring, and of course Ontario is rather different culturally and politically from Ohio ☺

Hey, if you're up for an unpaid holiday in Canada doing house and garden work... ☺
Thank for the offer about the resume . . . just had it redone recently +Liam Quin !
I will keep in mind an "unpaid but working" holiday in Ontario :) lol
+Elizabeth Lund you're very welcome. Unpaid - hey, you'd get board and lodging ☺ and maybe organic cheese. There wasn't really a recession in Canada, unemployment is a fraction of what it is in much of the USA, but it's a bit of a big change!
I have the same problem in Australia, so I really do empathise, +Elizabeth Lund . However, I can't relocate. It's difficult when we're qualified to do non-manual work (ie. brain work) & are unhappy/unwilling/unable to do manual work. I have been offered work as an assistant at the local grocery store but have acquired arthritis in both wrists so I can't lift or grip things firmly. It sucks. Good luck in your quest.
+Kay Walker I understand totally, things are rough all over the world . . . just put out the word just in case I could get help from someplace other than all the other venues that I have tried so far!
Best wishes for you also!
Shared your post yesterday. I have a friend in hotel management and my husband is in the food industry. I will ask around.... would hotel type career be of interest?
+James Slevin rocks by the way!
Morning +Shannon S. Myers thank you for sharing it! XO
Yes, I am interested in something that I can advance in and I am a very hard worker! Willing to more anyplace!
Yes, +James Slevin and his wife +marianne slevin are wonderful and luv them and their offer! PS: Check out their work :)
You all are showing, once again, just how special the people on G+ are!
Good morning +Elizabeth Lund, I just saw this post and shared it myself. It's so heartwarming to see so many people doing what they can to help. :) Good luck. I'm sure something will come up with all of this positive energy.
Just shared it. Also, FYI, my feet are pretty stinky, today. Must have been my shoes. :)

How are YOUR feet today? :)
NOT Stinky, thanks for asking and thanks for the share!
Haha. No problem. :) You're welcome.
Wow +Elizabeth Lund! You appear to be getting a remarkable response from far and wide in the G+ world! I do hope once things calm down and you're able to sift through all the offers and advice you would be so kind as to share what it's like to reach out to this community in this manner. I am quite intrigued by the amount of genuine heartfelt responses you are receiving.

Oh, and best of luck in your endeavours of course!
I am not surprised at all although deeply touched and extremely grateful +Becky Cox.
I have seen this happen on a regular basis here on G+! We are a wonderful and close-knit community who watch out for and help each other any way we can!
I am so grateful for all the people here and their extreme caring, compassion, empathy and support in so many ways!
I am extremely grateful and LOVE my G+ family
And thank you for your well wishes also.
I will keep everyone informed about the outcome!
+Elizabeth Lund Send a copy of your resume and the positions you're looking for to my partner +Charlie Soeh via
He's my partner at +The Job Market Report LLC and has access to a large number of available jobs all over the country. You can also give us a call toll free at 877-420-7600 for further information.
Disclaimer: We DO charge a fee, but we think it's pretty reasonable. :)
You can try all phases in construction. Hoffman is always looking for people that's willing to work in the office. but it is a mobile office. You will be traveling all over.
I will check them out +Arthur Layton Thank you :)
I have no problem traveling . . .nothing tying me down!
Where is their main office located?
Hoffman Construction Co., Inc. (Home Office)
16013 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110
(216) 310-1320
Hoffman is all over the US.
They are even here in Oregon & Washington
They are others big Construction Companies too.
Try them all. +Elizabeth Lund Just try to get your foot in one of the doors....
Well you can thank all the Google'rs too for sharing and caring and I'm glad I was a little help....
believe me I am so grateful to all the wonderful people here On G+!
Good luck Elizabeth...Have you tried the Houston area? Lots of job opportunities here:o)
Good morning +Yvonne S I have tried for some in Texas, but I will look at the Houston area, Thank you!
+Aicha Goins Texas will most likely be the region for us as well in which we will settle, if it comes down to it.
Exactly for those reasons ;) A very good company to work for and if you live more than 100 miles from the facility that hires you they will pay up to $3000. for moving expenses. The way they do it, is odd because it gets taxed, but just the same it eased the pain for me, it's hard to just pack up and move on a weeks notice.
Good luck +Elizabeth Lund . My other half has been unemployed for a year now and so I understand how hard it is. It sounds like your spirit isn't broken and I see that as a positive sign. The Bay Area is probably not the direction you'd want to come looking for work in, it's tough out here and living expenses are through the roof, but if you see something in this direction and you need advice about the area, please don't hesitate to ask me.
Thanks +jay dawge will look and see what they have!
+Sam Breach thanks, I went to school in Oakland and I know it is very expensive! I appreciate the offer of help should I be lucky enough to get back to CA!
Thank you so much +Hope OHara nothing yet, still plugging away and trying to get something!
sorry to hear about your circumstances Elizabeth. Hope you'll find something soon! Sending some positive vibes your way.
Thank you +anne-marie Janssen I will take all the good vibes I can get, unfortunately I am only one of hundreds of thousands in this position!
yes I know +Elizabeth Lund and it's sad....same situation here especially for the ones with lots of (life) experience and over 45. But I'm convinced that better times will return! (have to stay positive too).
Wow! Been gone and getting caught up. I'm blown away with the LOVE you've received! Any leads yet? I feel for YOU! Don't come to Vegas unemployed, we are the worst for that right now still. We've been trying to help my 23 yr. old son for nearly 3 years now. Constant battle of ups and downs. Stay positive. Luckily he has us and I got him into the gym and running marathons to have something to focus on while searching EVERYTHING! That kind of defeat can get to you if you don't have something else.
Thanks +Wendy Walker Cushing I promise I will not be moving to Vegas! He is lucky to have you!
No no interviews hence, no offer. I will keep everyone in the loop should anything positive movement happen!
I will share this post (first time I've seen it) and hopefully one of my followers will see it who is looking for just the right person (you!)!

Thanks Jason, so far nothing has lead to anything . . . I need a personal reference in order to get a job! All these job leads are swell, but I have been doing this for a year and a half :(
Have you considered trying to work in a casino? That might help hold you over until you can find something you really want. I know that casinos are always hiring for something since I work in one.
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