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My interview for Daniel Bogan's "The Setup" went live today. I really like reading through other people's discussions of their tools, so I was happy to contribute my geeky configuration to the mix :) 

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Watch this amazing video, then click through and fund her Kickstarter!!

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I take back every good thing I've said about the +Nest  smoke/CO2 alarms. The one in the kitchen decided to start going off for absolutely no detectable reason, and apparently the only way to silence them is to find a screwdriver and remove the backs so you can get the batteries out. While it's generating ear-splitting sounds.

To make matters worse, there is NO phone number in the app or on their website to call if there's an urgent problem. I had to do a Google search to find a support number on GetHuman (, and then try to navigate their phone menu while the damned alarm was going off. So it took nearly ten minutes before we could get the sounds to stop.

Then, after being put on hold for ten minutes after asking how I can get a refund (since this was EXACTLY the kind of alarm behavior I bought the very expensive Nests to *avoid), I was told I needed to do that on the website.

That'll teach me to buy v1 of a new technology. >.<

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Beautiful. Powerful. This gave me chills. 

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I haven't been focusing much on specific diet or exercise habits recently, because in less than two weeks I'm moving to Dubrovnik, Croatia for three months. I have no idea what to expect in terms of food or exercise--although I do know that my apartment is on a steep hill overlooking the city and the Adriatic, which means there's a ~400-step near-vertical climb to get home every day. That bodes well for daily exercise!

GAH! It is so freaking annoying that anyone can invite me to an event on G+, and even if I ignore the invitation it shows up in my Google Calendar and I get annoying reminders that the event is coming up. It shouldn't go into my personal calendar until and unless I accept the event. Right now my only option is to entirely block the person sending the event invitations, which I really don't want to do. 

More in keeping with the group, I'm hosting my local group of friends' weekly potluck this Sunday, and the theme is "hide the veggies." I need to get more vegetables into my diet, but I'm a notoriously picky eater in that regard. So I've challenged people to create veggie dishes that don't trigger my phobias. My contribution will be 40-clove chicken in the crockpot (hey! garlic's a vegetable!) with riced cauliflower as a side dish. It's the latter that's my big experiment. If I can tolerate cauliflower as a substitute for rice, that will be a huge accomplishment!

I have mixed feelings about this invitation. On the one hand, it sounds lovely, and it came from Jonas. On the other, it says the weird chef won't be hitting on me--and where's the fun in that? :(

Why do nearly 6,000 people have me in their circles? I find this completely baffling. Who are you people? Why are you interested in me? :)
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