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Beacon in the Desert

P.S.  I really want to go back here now that I have better lenses....
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I feel the same way you do! He he. I like how you shot this with the tips in between the shadows. I imagine it rising up into the light. #save  
I find it difficult to evaluate shots of icons like this because I've seen so many of them over the years.  But I like how the mix of shadow and cloud gives it an very abstract feeling.  The highlights seem a bit hot to me though.   #save2
I love the color in the rocks, here. The light is great. I do wish that the detail were sharper, and I actually end up a lot more interested in the striations of the rock on the far right side. I think I tighter crop here would help (and then I'd like to see a second shot of what's off to the right :). Also, the grey cloud up there I don't think is helping.

If it weren't for the right bit, this would be a save from me. #delete
I do think that this image could benefit from a tighter crop, either top enhance the middle are or the peak, but I still think the shadows and textures are cool enough to make this a #save4  .
The sharpness as +Matt Austin  pointed out is a problem.  An apeture of f/22 caused some diffraction. The low 1/25 shutter speed may have added to the problem if this was a hand-held shot.
Composition is well done with the layers of shadow and light of the red rocks. Since the sky is slightly on the green side - it seems then you might have changed it to be more of a complementary color (red/green) to the rocks.  But the sky now looks unnaturally green. (FYI: my monitor is calibrated). #save5
+Frank Cava +Matt Austin  - Yes, I wish it was sharper, part could be the aperture, but it also is a kit lens.  It was on a tripod.  But a cheap tripod, and I think it was a little windy as a storm was coming in.

The color of the sky is sorta deliberate.  I added a cool filter to tone down the excessive red/orange/yellows/ of the rocks.  In the original the appears even more green (to me).  I was aiming for a more aqua sky.  
+Elizabeth Hahn If you did use f/22...don't you will never get a shot as sharp as at f/8 or f/9.5, hand held or on a tripod  it's physics, not you.  Do not use a filter to color correct, use your levels ot the tint slider.  It's a nice image #save7  
I like the shot.
Could have some help using a different exposure.
This has huge potential, but I feel texture is loss in the exposure,  a bit more sky maybe... #delete5
Nice image and nice warm colouring.

I do feel its a little bright and not quite sharp where I want it to be.

If it had a clear centre of attention then it might pull it off but not quite there #delete6
Thanks for all the feedback everyone.  Also I did crop a bit of the sky and the right side off - the rest of the sky was a blotchy grey flat bore.  
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