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That awkward moment when you realize there's more than one.....
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+Richard Kimbrough now I'm picturing you wandering the planet in your bus, just scanning for Wi-Fi names. :-)
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This spring has turned out to be a fantastic one for California Poppies!!  The lower foothills are covered with carpets of them.  I love all the photos from other local photographers of them.  But I also love the mixed meadows of in some cases dozens of different wildflowers.  Within this meadow were blue dicks (I didn't name them!) 3 different types of lupines, 2 other types of poppies, popcorn flowers, paintbrushes, and probably several others I've missed.  Sadly with the warmer weather this week, they'll probably be gone fast.  
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Elizabeth Hahn

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Ever since the fires last summer, I knew I wanted to come back to this area and shoot it in the snow.  Well then it hardly snowed all winter.  :(

I forgot how hard it is to shoot snow and get it exposed correctly.  Especially when it's against a harsh black subject.  When blending exposures they looked too fake to me.  So I came back to one single exposure and played around with the shadow and highlight sliders until I sorta liked it.  I have a few other compositions that I like better, but I like the trunk on this one the best.
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Very nice!
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To say this winter has been odd is an understatement.  Just about a week ago I was in shorts working on getting the veggie beds ready for the summer garden.  The wildflowers are blooming in the lower foothills. Then a few cold storms blew in.  So... I went to Yosemite today to enjoy it.  Soooo glad I did.  The snow started melting early but it was so pretty while it lasted.  

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+Eric Stoliker It only looks cold.  I think I was in my t shirt :)  
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Hehehe found this while scanning in old slides - my mom in the family wheat fields - in the late 60s.  I'm not sure if my dad or my grandmother shot this.  

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It made for a great result !!
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Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 

This is a pretty little Blue Dick from the California Foothills.  Again, I apologize for the name... not my fault.  It's also known as Dichelostemma capitatum, common brodiaea, or wild hyacinth if you prefer.  In the background are some lovely #bokehlicious  poppies.  

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That's a nice dick you have there!
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You know it's a lovely spring day when the redbud's give you the finger and the bees wiggle their butts at you :-) 
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Oh, I love bees! So pretty!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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Rim of the World

Subtitled When Seasons Collide

I don't often stop at this overlook.   But sometimes with just the right morning light, a dusting of snow and some actual bits of green on the north side of the canyon, it's easy to see how it got it's name.  
Last summer way down at the bottom was where the Rim Fire started (and named after this overlook).  While much of what you see was severely burnt - there are also lots of signs of regrowth.  The wildflowers are blooming, grasses are sprouting.  I spotted a few deer having breakfast as well.  Hopefully soon the shrubs and trees will follow.  

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are like the mountains from Argentina, very nice pic.
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Elizabeth Hahn

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I'm still going through and scanning old family slides.  While this one has faded and lost some of it's quality, I still love it.  For one, it's a side of Donnell Reservoir not often seen.  Most people stop at the over look on the far side of the lake, and look straight down on it.  I couldn't even find a shot on Google Maps/Panoramio from this side.  It isn't an easy hike - maybe it's easier from Highway 4, I'm not sure.  but you really don't see Niagara Creek Falls from the south side.  This was from a horseback trip my Dad did about 30 years ago.  I love the falls, but I love the scale the guy on the rock gives.  He was definitely NOT afraid of heights.  It's a long way straight down.  
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+Christina Lihani hhaha I know... he's giving me the willies!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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It was such a pretty day today, I wound up going on a nice little hike in search of wildflowers.  With the grasses already starting to cure off, I wanted to enjoy the short short spring.  I found this little clearing with nice backlight on a bunch of lupines.  Just out of sight were a bunch of poppies, fiddlenecks, monkey flowers, and many other lovelies.  And of course, I could hear some cows mooing in the distance :)  
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+Robert Betchel thank you!
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Amateur gardener, quilter (Yes quilter!) photographer.  Professional cat slave and dork.  I love road trips, camping and hiking all over, but I spend most of my time in the Sierra Nevadas. 

I love the Green Bay Packers, and Los Angeles Dodgers - one has the best owners, the other the worst :(

Oh and I forgot I love Legos!

I am also incapable of folding a fitted sheet or putting the comforter cover on right.  

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