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I found this hodgepodge of signs in  Locke yesterday on the Kelby WW Photowalk.  So much fun and so many things to look at and shoot, and the absolute nicest residents and employees.  All of them are well versed in the history and charming quirkiness of the town.  

#signsunday +Sign Sunday +Lori Carey +Janice Hackney +Jetski

#wwpw   #wwpw2015   #wwpw2015_locke_ca_usa   #worldwidephotowalk2015  
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Brave you!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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Thank you +Wasim Muklashy for reminding me about Yosemite's birthday!

It's really one of my favorite places on earth - from the iconic waterfalls, giant blocks of granite, to the little hidden treasures often missed by those who only stop at the popular vistas. There's always something worth photographing no matter what season, time of day, or levels of water in the rivers.

#Yosemite #YosemiteFalls

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Tony Phillips +Dave Gaylord +Doug Hagadorn +Eric Drumm +Jeff Beddow +David D 
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+Elizabeth Hahn I just call'em like I see'em.  Try to be truthful.  But you are welcome to my truth any day.
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Elizabeth Hahn

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OH THAT'S COOL +Elizabeth Hahn​!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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Thank you everyone who already filled out my short survey.  I was really amazed by the number of responses!  

I'm putting out one last call for responses, before I start officially summarizing the results.  It only takes a few minutes - and feel free to pass the link around!
I have been looking to start a long term photography project for quite some time.  I tossed around ideas about cows, windmills, and other local things.  But while I do love cows, windmills and the like, I wanted something MOAR.  Finally a few weeks ago the stars aligned and I realized this is what I want to do.  I've lived in California for most of my life - Northern and Southern, mountains to coast.  And I'm always struck by how both outsiders (and even native Californians) view the state.  So I want to explore those ideas, and show what else the state has to offer - in terms of landscapes, climate and the people that live here.  

If you want to help me out please click on the link below - read a bit more about my project and take a short survey on how YOU picture a Californian.  All answers are anonymous!   And feel free to share the post if you like!  I'm hoping to get responses from a wide variety of people all across the globe. 

Thanks peoples!
I've always been amused by how people imagine Californians. And California itself. How do you imagine a typical Californian? If you'd like to help me out please take this short Californians Quiz – it'll only take a few minutes. In the upcoming months (years?) I'm going to explore the stereotypes ...
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I'll be keeping an eye out for your results ! 0.o
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Elizabeth Hahn

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Dearest Microsoft.

This is how you are making me feel right now. For the most part I enjoy your software. The odd numbered versions of Windows have served me well. But today (and yesterday) you have really let me down. I needed to buy a copy of Excel. Not the monthly or yearly plan. But buy it outright. I live some distance away from a store where I can buy the actual copy so I ordered it directly from you online. My CC was charged immediately. I received an email saying I'd receive the download link within 4-6 hours. Which still seemed like a long time.

I waited all afternoon. And nothing. I contacted customer support, and they said it was processing still, and I should receive it in 24-48 hours.

I waited all day today. NOTHING.

I contacted customer service again. And they say there is nothing they can do. I said I wanted to cancel the order because of how long it's taking. They can't do that either because it's in limbo. So you have my money. You won't give it back. And you won't give me my order. Sooooo unacceptable. I thought better of you.

For the record I do try and mention exceptionally good customer service when I receive it. I try not to focus on the bad. But this was REALLY bad.

End rant


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+William McNair I'm not the only user, excel is integrated with the software of one of my clients - they are the one's making the software decision in this case. If it was just me, it'd probably work great. Google drive docs work done for my personal needs, which are far simpler. 
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Elizabeth Hahn

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Nothing like shooting a long exposure straight into the sun to bring out flare from every last spec of dust on the lens!  Sometimes I like flare though, Lake Tahoe has plenty of it's own.  

I had a such a great afternoon with the awesome +Lauri Novak !
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+Richard Brunel :-) It's a good place to be stuck.
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Elizabeth Hahn

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My copy of +G Dan Mitchell 's wonderful little book arrived yesterday!  

I was hooked at "_It is not possible to describe every location here, nor would it be responsible to do so_"   Now, while initially that may not sound like a great endorsement, when you continue to read you realize it's (hopefully) a great endorsement.  The book is about how to find the best spots, to respectfully explore.  And how to capture it when you find it.  
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+G Dan Mitchell Aww thank YOU!  and have fun!!! I went on a quick trip to the east side last week - it was very hit an miss - hope you have better luck!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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WHOOOT IT'S FRIDAY!!!  That means it's not only #FloralFriday    , but also #FridaysAreBokehlicious  !  The #bokeholic  crew includes (but not limited to) +Tami Quigley +Leo Deegan +Dave Besbris +Paul Moody +Nicole H +Angie Smith +Wesly Smith +Art through the Aperture Photography +Wendy Chase +Michael Hatten +Creative Expressions Photography  +Robin Griggs Wood +Shannon Adelson +Shawn McClure and the many many more that are a bit fuzzy in my head right now. 

 The +FloralFriday theme was created by +Tamara Pruessner and is co-curated by +Beth Akerman, +Kiki Nelson, and +Eustace James.

For prints please see
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and egggessss!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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This is my favorite shot of the eclipse yet!  Awesome +Marko Korosec  :D

(not my photo, please click on the link to send any comments to Marko!)
Thanks to my extreme zoom lens, I was able to see a rare sight two nights ago - rings around the Blood Moon!

Elizabeth Hahn

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For the first time in franchise history the #Dodgers are NL West Champions for the third year in a row! #LALovesOctober
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+Elizabeth Lund lol just a bit!
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Elizabeth Hahn

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I adore sunflowers.  Wild sunflowers, fields of sunflowers all in a row, or just beautiful ones scattered in the garden.  I didn't grow any this year, something I'm bummed about.  But this is one of mine from a few years ago.  She's a little shy, but really nice once you get to know her.  

I'm a lil late but happy Autumn to all the #flowerholics  and #bokeholics  out there!  Wishing a graceful fall to +Leo Deegan +Paul Moody +Wendy Chase +Rachel Ferris +Shannon Adelson +Art through the Aperture Photography +Michael B. Stuart +Sean McLean +Creative Expressions Photography +Robin Griggs Wood +Wesly Smith +Angie Smith and the other lovely peoples.

Friday also means it's #FloralFriday! The +FloralFriday theme was created by +Tamara Pruessner and is co-curated by +Beth Akerman, +Kiki Nelson, and +Eustace James.
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+Wesly Smith +KW Peter Koeppel+Tami Quigley​ thank you all!

(And sorry about the delayed response, I think baseball and football got in the way)
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Elizabeth Hahn

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+Stuart Dyckhoff D'oh!  I should have :(  
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