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Elizabeth Einspanier
A spec fiction writer with tons of imagination and more ideas than time.
A spec fiction writer with tons of imagination and more ideas than time.


Moving day today. Mike and I are moving into a 3 BR apartment that's right near his work. Trying to keep the top of my head from falling off

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On Reading Books Because They Are Trendy
I am a voracious reader, which lends itself well to my other hobby as a writer. I can see what other authors have done with a certain topic, and adapt accordingly. Sometimes I read the bestsellers. Sometimes I read more obscure works. Working at a library h...

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Some Personal News, 6-30-2015
To all of you who were expecting a blog post last week, my deepest apologies. I've been going through a bit of a crisis. I've been under a lot of stress, which led to me in the ER with a panic attack a couple of Saturdays ago. as a result, I've been placed ...

Hey guys... Free Download Weekend!

In honor of Father's Day, both my books are available for #FreeDownload  today and tomorrow!

Sheep's Clothing: Doc Meadows didn't believe in monsters... until three of them moved into Salvation.

Heart of Steel: He wanted to conquer the world... now he only wants to conquer her heart.

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Character Interview: Alistair Mechanis
Hello, faithful readers! This week's post will be a character interview with Alistair Mechanus, the male lead of my SFR novel Heart of Steel . If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do? In ...

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The Double-Edged Sword of Outlining
Recently, during the course of an apparent drought in inspiration with my existing works in progress, I turned to outlining to help me sort out the eleventy billion other ideas that were jockeying for my attention. I figured that it would be a good way to s...

I think I'm working my way through my writer's block. Got a fair amount done with a new rough draft and I'm well into Chapter Two.


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June 2015 Progress Report
Well, readers, half a year has passed since I made my writing to-do list way the heck back in January. I've made a fair bit of progress in my writing goals since then, so let's see how well I've done: Stay on top of my blog a bit better. I'm acing this so f...

So... I'm trying out this whole outlining thing, because otherwise I have too many story ideas and it's like herding cats. Tonight I finished the outline of an action SFR novel called #HackingHerHeart  that mainly consists of a list of chapters and the plot points I want in each.  Plotters, how do you all outline?

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Heart of Steel Audiobook now available! (and some other stuff)
As of this weekend, the audiobook of my SFR novel Heart of Steel is now available for sale on Audible here , Amazon here , and iTunes! I'm very excited about releasing my second audiobook, but of course it would have been possible without the vocal and tech...
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