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Elizabeth Dial (Mz Liz)
Busy Mz Liz ~ Boomer Girl On The Go!
Busy Mz Liz ~ Boomer Girl On The Go!


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Back in SoCal, enjoying San Diego's the beauty, splendor & perfect weather. Ahhhh..... it's good to be home!

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I love history. It tells us so much about the future.

Over the past twenty years it's come to my attention that global power for any one country has not lasted much longer than 200 years.

Italy, Spain, Dutch, France, British.....
Tick- tock, tick-tock America, our time is growing short.

This fascinating article, written by Tobias Stone, academic, archeologist, historian, anthropologist explains how the human experience is known to implode on occasion. He believes we're going through another global episode of just that.

Moments ago I posted in the Google+ HELP area:

Well I found the missing pages, but what a friggin' nightmare!

I'm done with you Google+ and all the rest of your ever changing products. Changes that take us far & away from our REAL BUSINESS which is suppose to be getting our information out to the masses using your developments.

What a waste of a long, long learning curve & years of work..
Now you want us to start over, learning a new system that, errrr..... it seems no one on the interwebz is using anyway.


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What is Google REALLY trying to tell us women about International Women's Day?!
The link they've provided here goes to a 404 page  =(
Hopefully they'll see the error and swiftly correct it.


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Our core need is to serve a purpose in life.

Take time to show someone they matter, simply by asking a question about them and listening.  Really listening and hearing what they say and how they say it. 

For me, with both my parents being elderly and living in an assisted living facility, I experience first hand how important this simple practice is.  The elderly, who once were youthful & vital but are now requiring care, no longer feel a sense of purpose.  Lack of purpose creates an environment of unnecessary decline.

But for seniors who are winding down, less productive, they need a sense of purpose.  Simply asking them to share their happiest history and stories, experiences and wisdom creates immediate change in their psyche.  All we need is to be present & listen, giving an instant infusion of purpose and well being to both of us.

Rinse, repeat  =)
Give someone the gift of your presence! This is the first of a month of holiday love challenges. Visit for more ideas to increase your self-love, strengthen your relationships, and turn strangers into friends!

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I love this, classic art married to modern times.

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The 'New & Improved' Google+ won't allow me to post this fun video via a link.  Maybe it will appear by using the youTube share link.
Fingers crossed XX

Glamorous airline biz?
Sure it is, when your on vacation, enjoying an exotic destination.
The daily grind on the other hand, not so much  =p

Mike's homage to the Beach Boys, I Get Around,
..... I Sit Around

It even caught the eye of the news media, being highlighted on TV (where I originally spotted it   =)
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