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A Year with Dr. Mukwege: My Take. 2015 was profoundly moving and fulfilling. With many challenges ahead in the DRC, particularly for girls and women, I am honored to work for such a visionary and courageous man.
This year marks one of the most profound experiences in my career. Working with and for Dr. Denis Mukwege, and our dedicated colleagues at Panzi Hospital and Foundations, allows me to witness healing and hope every day. There have been moments that were almost overwhelming, moments where my experience as a survivor of brutal sexual violence became preeminent in my heart and mind. Dr. Mukwege, with his fellow surgeons, doctors, clinicia...

Elizabeth Blackney

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The European Parliament is poised to make a global impact on the trade and use of Conflict Minerals. More at the link from Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and Dr. Denis Mukwege.
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