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Live. Laugh. Dream. Dare
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Yay!!!! #CfP rolled out! :D :D :D Get ready for one more awesome droidcon #Thessaloniki
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#droidcon #droidconGR
So here, we guess, it is the most awaited post ... ... Yeap you guessed rightly right!
#CFP  for the second edition of +droidcon Greece is out and we are all waiting for you to join us, and of course to seeing you again or welcoming you in Thessaloniki for the first time!
#droidconGR16   #droidcon   #thessaloniki  

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I'm sooo thrilled to join #dfist 's team! :D
Let's talk about animations ;-) 
So happy to introduce our one of the great women speakers, Let's meet Eliza Camber,Android Dev Pixplicity ! Don't miss her session #dfist

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it was certainly a pleasure being a part of it...! meeting awesome new people and seeing old friends again! CU all next year!
2016 Big Android BBQ Europe Re-Cap

This year's BABBQ Europe was an absolutely incredible event. Not only was there an amazing line-up of top-notch speakers, but the fun and intimate BABBQ culture was alive and well during the entire 3 day event. The change in venue back to the Hotel Casa 400 was a smart one as well - nicer facility, better staff support, and close proximity to Amsterdam's city center. +Jorik Bremer and his team knocked it out of the park.

Personally, it was great reconnecting with a host of amazing #android  developers that +Aaron Kasten and I met at last year's event: +Maarten Edgar , +Paul Lammertsma , +Eliza Camber , and many, many more...

It was particularly nice to meet +Jolanda Verhoef from +Blendle who gave the Keynote at this year's BABBQ Europe. IMHO, she is definitely one to watch. A unique blend of intelligence, passion, and teaching skill that is very rare to come by.

+Alex Dobie from +Android Central was also in attendance covering the event. We had more than a laugh or two. I'm always impressed by the skill and dedication of the entire Android Central crew. We even had a chance to quickly test out the new Duo app w/ +Russell Holly  during the second day of the event. (specifically my phone - Alex wasn't able to download it on any of his devices...the benefits of being an American....yes I am continuing to rub it in, Alex)

Last but not least, it's always nice spending time with +Matteo Doni . Not sure if I've ever met a nicer, more genuinely sincere person.

I'd highly recommend following everyone I've mentioned in the post. You won't be disappointed.

**Rambling nature and any errors are due to jetlag

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droidcon Greece strikes back for the second time in Thessaloniki!

While enjoying the summer period, droidcon this year will bring you top developers sessions and the first ever happened droidcon Greece Expo!
Among the program there will be also:

DEVS ALLEY: where developers will have the opportunity to schedule one to one meetings with possible companies looking for talents
STARTUP VILLAGE: where entrepreneurs and startups will showcase their projects, products/services and ideas on how to reach the markets
BARCAMP as all droidcons around the world, droidcon Greece will kick off on Thursday the 7 with its Barcamp, where attendees create the schedule of the day

And for the first time ever we will be introducing the DEMOCAMP, where attendees have the chance to vote for the startup, entrepreneur, exhibitor of this droidcon Greece edition, they would like to hear at the closure of droidcon!

So, hurry up and enjoy those three days of coding and networking in one of the most beautiful cities in Greece ;-)

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First week in Utrecht (easily) survived :D
Welcoming gifts from my awesome new colleagues at +Pixplicity, interesting projects, strolls downtown and walks at the beach of the Hague <3 
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On your marks. Get set... ... ...

#droidcon   #cfp   #droidconGR   #droidconGR16  
Are you ready? Check out frequently our +Droidcon Greece 2016 site as something is going to be announced ... ... really soon!!

#droidcon   #droidconGR16   #C4P  
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Off I go again! :D

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#DevShow  #11
This week on The Developer Show, join +Timothy Jordan as he crashes a #devtraining Twitter Q&A with Sebastian Thrun (+Udacity Co-Founder & CEO) and +Peter Lubbers (Senior Program Manager).

Have a question? Use #AskDevShow to let us know!


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