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Eliza Berry
I'm Eliza. What the heck is a tagline.
I'm Eliza. What the heck is a tagline.

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Play Baby by the Biebs or Painkiller Jason Derluo &mtrain behind this

your day just got 10x better
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"Don't stick your hand in a blender." - Dr. C 2k16 

George: "The best is when you pour gasoline down an ant hill and then light it on fire and then... *BOOM* *sings* I'm gunna stand here and watch you bu-urrn."

Natalie: "I never talk to VP people anymore... I'm like wow this is the life I used to live..." 

Josh: "Yeah you're like 'that was such a sad life...'" 

Josh: "We had ten kittens but then they ran away or died..." 

Catie: "What is this... a Dickens novel?" 

"Sometimes I think about myself........In the future. And I've concluded I'm gunna be that dad." - George Landis 2k16 

"She's such a mom-friend. I love her." - Jaclyn Saitta 2k16 

"I have this urge to go to the EOTYG again this year... I don't know why. I don't even like people that much." - George Landis 2k16 

"College? College is for losers. Why would you wanna go there?!?!?" - Catie Dunlap 2k16 
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