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Our massage chairs are more innovative than any other massage chairs on the market today.
Our massage chairs are more innovative than any other massage chairs on the market today.


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Is buying a used or refurbished massage chair a good idea? YES, as long as you follow these key tips!

Buying used or refurbished massage chairs is a great way to save money, sometimes thousands of dollars.

These chairs go by various names – used, refurbished, pre-owned, or open box – and can be often indistinguishable from brand-new massage chairs. However, before you press the “purchase” button, follow these tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck, and best possible long-term experience with your massage chair.

Being the online shopper you are, you’ve done your research, checked out gobs of chairs and features and have decided on the model you want. While checking out the new chair, you happened to notice that the same model is available for significantly less, as a used or refurbished massage chair.

Wow that price sure looks good, but you wonder to yourself, “Is buying a used or refurbished massage chair a good idea?”

The answer is YES! But wait a moment… before you press that “buy” button, first arm yourself with these key tips for buying a used or refurbished massage chair. This information from years of experience is designed to help ensure you get the most out of your massage chair deal.

Which model of used or refurbished massage chair?

You are considering a used or refurbished massage chair because it is can and should be a great bargain – good value for the money. No matter new or used, you’ll want to get a lot of use out of your chair for in-home massages, and either way it is a significant investment.

So by all means try and get a great deal, but get a deal on a massage chair you really want, and that matches the performance and features you determined through your research.

This applies to color too - be wary of settling for a color you weren't considering just because its a good deal. Why? You’ll be living with the chair for a long time and it’s best to avoid future remorse because it was a great deal at the time, but the color of your massage chair doesn’t really work within your home.

Also it is worth buying a model that is still on the market, not one that has been discontinued. A current chair will likely have the latest features and better performance than older, discontinued models. Also if it is no longer sold, it may be increasingly difficult to source any parts necessary with each passing year that you own it.

Sources for a new or refurbished massage chair

There are three sources you’ve likely encountered who market used or refurbished massage chairs:

1. The original manufacturer of the chair (often referred to as an “OEM”) or direct importer

2. Dealer or other retail reseller

3. Private party, or not associated with the brand but rather someone who originally purchased the massage chair for themselves.

Below is a quick synopsis of each potential source as you navigate your options.

Original Manufacturer (OEM) or direct importer

As a rule of thumb this is typically one of the best of two sources. The reasons are that a) this source is most likely an expert in refurbishing their brand of massage chair, b) have the deepest knowledge on the internal components, c) typically keep plenty of spare parts on-hand for refurbishment, and lastly d) for their ability to provide expert service after the sale.

As far as this service, you’ll want to know the seller has plenty of the most commonly replaced internal parts such as motors, circuit boards, etc., as well as external parts like fabric and upholstery, replacement arms, back cushions, head pillows etc.

Note that some of the manufacturers and direct importers may sell their used or refurbished massage chairs via secondary online sites – most typically eBay – and these same rules of thumb above would apply even if sold via these channels. Amazon doesn’t technically approve used product listings, so you are unlikely to find used or refurbished massage chairs there.

Dealer or Retail Reseller

This is likely just as good a source for used massage chairs as the manufacturer or direct importer, assuming they are a reputable company with a track record of selling an servicing massage chairs. As an authorized seller of new inventory, the dealer will likely to have relationship with the manufacturer, so have easy access to replacement parts and technical support resources for used or refurbished massage chairs they sell.

Private Party

This source for a used chair comes with the most risk. It would be unfair however to eliminate them as a viable source; still, just be sure you feel comfortable the party you are buying your massage chair from has detailed information about the massage chair. These listings can be found in a lot of places online such as craigslist, eBay, and other sites.

The primary risk of a private party transaction is the warranty coverage. Rarely if ever are massage chair warranties transferrable. To confirm, you should contact the original manufacturer of the chair to inquire about warranty transfers, if even an option (unlikely).

What you need to know is how you’ll obtain parts and service if something breaks on your massage chair. We get calls regularly from desperate owners of other brands of massage chairs seeking help with service and parts. We always provide the toll-free number to the particular manufacturer and wish them luck. Still many will call back within hours saying they can’t reach anyone, and are still desperate to get their massage chair working again.

I offer this as a simple story of caution – make sure you know how you’ll get help with your “not under warranty anymore” used or refurbished massage chair. You’d be surprised at how many so-called “big” massage chair brands are virtually impossible to reach when a customer needs help.

Talk to the Selling Party

So you’ve found a used or refurbished massage chair you want, and the price is right. The next step applies to ANY seller you’ve identified: Pick up the phone and call them to get a sense for their legitimacy, experience, knowledge of massage chairs. If the source is a manufacturer, importer or authorized dealer, you should EXPECT to get a good feeling about them and their knowledge of the chair and ability to support it.

At the first stage of the conversation you’re just trying to get a high-level sense of their operation and approach. Such as how many of used or refurbished models they sell, and what kine of experience they have with these types of transactions.

Check out the reviews – they can be an invaluable source of information about other buyers’ experience, both during and importantly AFTER the sale. Reviews should be prominently listed on their website, but also check their Google listing; most of the time Google reviews are available, however in some cases these reviews are only visible to people who are local to their company. You can also use their social network pages like Facebook to see if there are reviews there that are helpful.

What to ask when buying a used or refurbished massage chair

OK, now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. This is when you’ll learn about the specific used or refurbished massage chair you want to buy.

Here is a guide of questions to ask the seller:

Do they have any background on previous location of this massage chair? E.g. massage chair showroom, exhibit demo, Open Box chair never sold, or was it previously owned by a private party and returned

If it was a return, do they know why it was returned? If it was returned that’s typically fine, it happens. And even if it was due to a broken part, just confirm that the part was replaced and the massage chair is now in perfect working condition.

Do they know how many hours of usage on the massage chair? Not all models are capable of indicating this, but some are. If not, ask how long it was in the previous setting before is was listed as a used or refurbished massage chair – this can give you general guidance on how much usage the chair has. A showroom chair will likely have less than one used in an exhibit or trade show for example.

Are there any defects or damage? In many cases, this is precisely why you can get a remarkable deal on a chair, often thousands of dollars less than a new chair of the same model. Call it the “scratch and dent” bargain. Much of the time these small imperfections are hardly noticeable don't affect the massage performance of the chair. If there are some scratches or scuffs, are these detailed via photos so you know exactly where and to what extent they occur?

Ask about the condition of remote control – ideally get a nice clear picture to review. Since the remote gets handled if the chair is used, it’s a good idea to know how it differs from a new one. Often the seller (if it is the manufacturer or a dealer) will replace the old one with a new one, or even in the case of used ones often the protective film over the LED screen is still intact, and this is good to know.

What’s the condition of the head pillow and back pad? Make sure to get good close-up pictures of these areas so you can check for any signs of wear.

What is the condition of the footrest inserts, or the fabric or other material covering the foot rollers? As a general rule, avoid any chairs that have holes or tears in the material covering the rollers – any tears will be particularly problematic in these areas as these holes will get worse fast once they form.

Have any parts been replaced, and which ones? While if a reputable listing you should get this information up front in the product description, ask if the massage chair has been refurbished, whether exterior components, internal components, etc. Some models may have had engineering upgrades, and you’ll want to know if the used or refurbished massage chair in question incorporates any of those.

Bonus Expert Question

You may think this next question is an odd one, but it may prove invaluable to the overall experience you have once the chair arrives at your doorstep.

That question is:

“How difficult is it to remove the arms from the massage chair I’d be buying?”
Why in the world would you want to know the answer to that before buying a used or refurbished massage chair? There are two reasons the answer to this question will likely prove important to you.

First is somewhat straight-forward: There is a good chance you’ll need to remove the arms to get the massage chair into your home. Or even if it fits through your front door without removing the arms, you may still need to remove them to get the massage chair into the room you’ve selected in your home where you’ll want the chair located.

There's another reason to ask this which isn't as obvious. Believe it or not, the answer can tell you a lot about how much the seller really knows about the used or refurbished massage chair they are selling, and also how well designed the massage chair really is.

If the seller has any experience with the used chair they are selling, they should know exactly how this is done – down the the steps, the tools you’ll need, and how long it should take. And frankly the process should be easy. Sadly I know from experience that some chairs are absurdly difficult (read: terribly designed) when it comes to something as easy as removing the arms.

Shipping Options

Like purchasing a new massage chair, the seller of used or refurbished massage chairs will likely provide different options for shipping and delivery, from standard threshold delivery to in-home installation (often referred to as “white glove delivery.”)

Your choice comes down to your personal requirements and budget, but it’s worth ensuring that delivery will be conducted by a professional shipping agent. Virtually this is always the case, but worth asking to confirm.

What about picking up the massage chair yourself?

You might save a few hundred dollars, and so the idea can be quite compelling since you are already in the “bargain hunter” frame of mind. But remember you’re purchasing a product that weighs in-excess of 250 pounds, if you are buying a full-featured, full-body robotic massage chair. The risks of moving a product of this size and bulk can offset these savings.

Maybe you own a truck, have a strong back and a willing friend or two with strong backs. So if this fits your situation, by all means go for it. However do know that if you pick it up yourself you may be liable for any damage that occurs, and this could potentially void some warranty coverage, so make sure to read the fine print, or ask the seller about these conditions.


Like in a new massage chair purchase, the warranty service and coverage of any chair is an implicit indicator of the quality of the company selling the used or refurbished chair, and the inherent quality of the chair.

The more warranty coverage the better is a good benchmark, if a bit subjective. But you should expect at least 3 years of parts coverage – you want to be protected in the event anything does go wrong with your massage chair. Trust me, you’ll likely be using it a LOT so you should expect this protection should something go wrong.

Is the warranty an hourly warranty, a time-based warranty, or a mix of the two? There is no right or wrong answer here, but make sure you understand how it will work for you and what you can expect in terms of usage and coverage.

Summary: Buying a Used or Refurbished Massage Chair

Buying a used or refurbished massage chair is a great way to get a great deal – often thousands of dollars less than a new one. But go into this process armed with expert “insider” information to make sure you get top value from a source you can trust.

Choose the massage chair that is best for your personal needs; don’t just pick a chair because it seems like a great deal. You’ll be sorry if you settle for less.

Understand the pros and cons of the source for used or refurbished massage chairs.

Contact the seller, and ask questions.

Understand your shipping options

Warranty, warranty, warranty

Follow these guidelines and you’re on your way to complete confidence in your purchase, and enjoy a high-quality massage chair that will last for years.
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The Mental Benefits of Massage Chairs Might Surprise You!
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Basic operation guide of the Alphasonic massage chair
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Create your own custom massage in the Robopad massage chair
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Is the Alphasonic the right massage chair for you?

Buy this chair if you believe mental and physical health are connected. Buyers tend to seek a stronger massage for pain and stress relief, and the most advanced features such as deep massage that reaches into the lower back, buttocks and hamstrings.

Additional features include adjustable shoulders for those households with variable body sizes, three Zero-Gravity settings for optimal circulation and comfort, and Zero Space.

Buyers of the Alphasonic are also drawn to Braintronics™ for stress relief and improved mental performance. Braintronics make it easy for anyone to practice mindful meditation every day.

If you are seeking a state-of-the-art massage chair for a spectrum of physical and mental benefits, the Alphasonic is the right massage chair for you.
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Built with internal “L-Track” design for massage hands that reach deeply and fully down the buttocks and hamstrings, the Alphasonic also incorporates Zero-Space recline for positioning the chair right against the wall.

The Alphasonic provides deep tissue massage due to innovative adjustable shoulder units that press your body into the massage hands for remarkable feel and muscle relief. Zero-Gravity, integrated foot reflexology rollers, and super-strong full body Acupressure round out this incredible chair.

Integrated Braintronics® programs align your brainwaves naturally and safely, enabling you to relax deeper than ever before. Within minutes your brain waves are in a state of deep meditation, and you don’t even have to know how to meditate! Plus the peace of mind of our industry-walloping 5-year warranty.

Bottom line: The Alphasonic delivers a deep, powerful full-body massage – and unparalleled technology to improve your physical AND mental performance.
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No other massage chair on the market incorporates Braintronics. Simply put on the headphones, press the Braintronics button on the Alphasonic remote control, and achieve a deep state of mindful meditation in minutes - no matter your experience with meditation! You've got to try it to believe it; the Alphasonic takes the experience in a luxury massage chair to a whole new level.
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