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Elise VanCise
Author, Librarian, NaNoWriMo ML, Geek, Steampunker, Dieselpunker
Author, Librarian, NaNoWriMo ML, Geek, Steampunker, Dieselpunker

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Awesome new comic to try! 
I have the first issue of my Steampunk Comic: The Gilded Age for free here:

Each issue tells a complete story done in one allowing me to tell a wide variety of stories (anything from heists to gunfighters dueling to horror). Check it out.

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Don't Breathe
Victor and Nicholas stumbled down the walk. They leaned on each other; one thought he was holding the other upright. Victor took a deep swallow from the bottle then passed it to his friend. Nicholas took the offered libation. “Ah, there’s still half of the ...

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Cóiste Bodhar The Black Coach
A wail cut through the night, a warning, the black coach was coming for him. The dying man pulled himself from his bed. He fought with his weakened body to reach the door and lock it tight. He called his wife to push the dresser over, blockade them in. Mayb...

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Photo prompt courtesy photographer  Danielle Tunstall His eyes snapped open, darted about the darkened bedroom. The room was too quiet, too still. His breath panted. They were almost here.  No, not again . A soft whirring sound made his muscles tense and ju...

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The Rosary
Father McKenna looked out at the congregation as they stood from their pews to sing with the choir. His eyes slipped shut as the organ notes began to echo though the sanctuary.  The high ceiling echoed with the faith filled voices of those present for mass ...

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Spooky Story Series on Gladiator's Pen!

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Woman in the Woods
It was nearly dusk and he was completely turned around on the forest trails. He  hoped he was going in the direction of the cabin. After a few more minutes walk he could hear the  soft swoosh of water rushing over rocks. His lungs took a calming breath and ...

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Old Lady Creeper's Meat Pies
“What do we do now? You told me nothing could go wrong and look  what’s  happened.” Kurt pushed and   shook  the basement doors again. “We’ll just go in and get the ball, he said, nothing will happen, he said, the old lady isn’t even home, he said.”  Pete g...

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Stand up for Your Right To Read! oo
Happy Banned Books Week 2016! One of my favorite weeks of the year. It's like a license to be bad reading all those books that have been banned, challenged, and protested through the year and all of literary history. The theme the American Library Associati...

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