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I always do that, and it works every time.
Perhaps she's a Mac and the keyboard shortcuts are different. Try cmd-z or cmd-q instead.
just try to have a conversation with someone who puts smiley faces in an oral speech.
- "yeah dude, why are you :( ?
Tim King
Alt-Tab to a better conversation. You can always deal with her later.
all over the world people are pressing alt+F4 to see what it does :D
want more like this funny picks
Great! The level we came nowadays in relations.
U h4v3 70 4dm17 17 c4n b3c0m3 w4y w0rs3...
Elisa T
+lerato majikfaerie no such luck, although I hear that we can File > Save As our own lives and build anew
yeah, File > Save As > New Folder on a backup drive, and then format the whole old machine and start fresh.
Elisa T
+lerato majikfaerie but maybe I wouldn't like you if you were completely different! I'd prefer you with healed scars though... so, I'm sending positive thoughts for them to damned well begin healing. ♥
If you hold out your fingers like // you can comment the people out 
Nice I guess a guy really playing pc video games
My homework mainly consists of CTRL + C & CTRL V
the dude in green is actually a Cylon! 
I would have simply did shift+del and windows+L 
Seriously erudite joke. Shame I don't know what the shortcuts do. 
I had the feeling it must be something to do with that ... 
I sometimes say Ctrl+Z to myself after accidentally throwing something in the trash or saying something I shouldn't have... Bad habit, hard to break. Lol
Ctrl-alt-del generates a non-maskable interrupt in a PC. I find it interesting that one must generate an event that is the computer equivalent to hitting a human with a baseball bat, JUST to get its attention.
i learned something today alt + F4 = Is exit
thank you
ctrl+z would be helpful..
If only it were that easy. lol
It would be so fun, if we had ctrl+z in real life
+Jamie Davis You brought me back with that alpha-numeric pager-esque code! Awesome.

As for the post, looks like Windows froze. Commands didn't work.
An IT teacher I knew told me he knew it was time for the hols to start when, in response to "Please sir, can I close the window?", he replied "Yes, just hit Cmnd W." :-)
yep, just start totally new life in the new tty session
Zomg.. I greater than three this...
My friend has a shirt that says : I'm pressing delete but your still here. 
HEY, I've only done that a FEW times(:
"Press Any Key To Continue...". Me:"WHERE'S THE 'ANY' KEY?!"
Just alt+shift and change the language altogether
Lol, what I would love for my life to have, CTRL + Z. Happened to me before, used a wacom a lot and then was sketching on paper with a pen, and wanted to undo it... ;)
+tre smith take that nonsense back to fb or MySpace. This is google+. 
... here intending to deal with SwindlerSoft Windblows? (lol, forget about that shit that sadly was committed several years ago! :D)
Zin yaw
Shutting down and saving your settings
ROFL....How's this going to work with Windows 8?? :) :)
sooo old. seen this a thousand times.
I cringe every time someone utters LOL or writes it to me where I can clearly hear they didn't 
to really understand that, you need to know what all the shortcut to keys are? but hey! thats just my opinion. i really like it though
save, then ctrl+z (i do not know what it does),close application/program, then either restart or lock cp etc?
It does not make any sense to me ,beeeeeeee. 
Story of my life ~~
Lol but funny way to put it
Ummmm dumb srry but dumb
if you expect logic from the female of the specie...your lost!
Hahaha control alt delete control alt delete!!!!!!!!
Youngsters, the lot of you!!  (Insert "Uphill Both Ways..." rant here) I want my ASR-33 Teletype commands back.

You hit Ctrl-G for Terminal Bell when you want to get someone's attention at the other end and they've wandered away - even made the transition to TI-99 Advanced Basic and MS-DOS, but they broke that going into Windows.  Would be Real Useful today in Chat windows.  

Ctrl-V for backspace and delete one letter, Ctrl-W for backspace and delete one word.  Started for paper tape punches and card punches, still useful.

How about making "Print Screen" actually Print The Screen again?
Lol. That's funny. I try that all the time .
Reminds me of Dilbert trying to avoid his pointy hair boss.
I just pull the plug. That always does it. 
ctrl+alt+delete and the cartoons still there (sigh) and it's not funny (still)
Wish it could work in reality
Made me laugh. Stupid as all mighty but so funny!! :D
REM boring conversation anyway.........

I think that would make my girlfriend break up with me lol....... "thinks to himself" 
What an amazing robot?? Knows all the codes nd button. Lol
Thumbs up for him
Hi any friends want ti friendship with me
Lol funniest thing I ever seen!!
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