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Interesting article that's quite relevant to me - including a poll at the end that amused me suitably. I haven't opened Microsoft Word in a long time, dumping it for Open Office as soon as that was broadly available, and these days I've moved on yet again to do all my writing in Google Documents. Who would have thought the day would come where even WordPad was a nicer choice than Word, whose multitude of "features" render it absolutely useless for most of our writing needs?
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There has never been, and will never be, a program as terrible as Open Office. In fact, there has never been a genocidal war as terrible as Open Office. That being said, Google Docs does give it a run for its money.
Elisa T
LOL really? I'd have to say any incarnation of PowerPoint might be worse.
I honestly have both, I use Office for work and Open Office for proofing my texts (otherwise I would have to buy a foreign spell check for Office): honestly, Word is better in my opinion. Oh, I downloaded also Live Essentials because Windows 7 and 8 don't have a nice way to import pictures from the SD cards, while Live Photo Gallery is very much like Win XP. Well, I found in the bundle a Live Writer program that I decided to try but never got round to do it.
Reading on Android I don't seem to see the entire article. The last paragraph I see is the one before the word "Slate." In any case, I agree with the author. The only time I use Word is when I read a corporate document saved as Microsoft XML format (.docx) as those documents don't always show up correctly on LibreOffice Writer.
Ok, now I read the article and I totally disagree. Office 2010 is seriously grand, it does perfectly its job if you need to print stuff (doh!) The author totally missed this point. If you need to write on a blog or online, why would you do it in Word? Seriously, why? It's like saying that in Lightroom it's difficult to print a letter.

And for the records Clippy is long gone.
The places the article loses me is, he claims he has issues transferring from .doc to epub et al, which is something I've done 3 times without a single flaw, and from .doc to blog, which is something I've done perhaps 2 dozen times without a single flaw. At some point I have to wonder who is really at fault...
+Daigoro Toyama Indeed he is. Still, I don't get why would someone write something online using Word. I'd be grateful if someone would explain what I am missing...
In any case I perform translations of stuff that goes actually printed and also of stuff that then goes online. Funny enough the stuff that goes online is done in Excel, generally. Exceptions some newsletters and some particular content for the website, done in Word. And so far in 6 years no problems occured. With Word 2003, 2007 and 2010.
...For this reason I think that the article is just a useless rant.
Elisa T
I think that's his point, ie that most websites the average punter is typing in have no use for the vast majority of Word's features. For those of us who don't work in actual paper anymore, Word is not very useful. Even to format a document about to be emailed to someone, if it's not going to be printed at the other end, why Word-format it at all?
Still, I don't understand the reason why the author wrote the article in first place... At the end of the day Microsoft doesn't force anybody to buy Word. If you don't need it, just don't buy it... if you need to print a letter or a flyer use Wordpad which is plenty enough :)
But then you can't write your rant on Word 2003 or 2007 (because I am sure the author has never seen Word 2010) and shooting on stuff like from the irritating - the superscript "th" on ordinal numbers that by the way is a great feature instead.
In my opinion is like writing a rant because you don't like Volvo and you think that Volvo doesn't make any good super compact city car. Yeah, true, but who cares? They never made them and possibly other people need/want Volvo cars for their needs, that's why they are still around. If this makes sense :)
+Elisa Tammela The features are optional... it will do all the stuff OO does, it just does about a thousand other things as well.
+Gabriel Fitzpatrick To me, LibreOffice does everything I need an office suite to do. And it's open source, the principle I fully agree with and support. To me, Word is little more than a waste of money.
+Daigoro Toyama Sorry? What did I rant about?
Better, if you guys don't like Word, just don't buy it :)
You know, when you read something you cannot unread it... I couldn't have known earlier if the article was bringing valid points. it was not, and I am saying why, really sorry if I disagree with you. :)
Other people (like me) may need Word. Oh, and I used it till last year at uni too, quite a lot. Not in a professional environment, then.
Have seriously a look at Live Writer, the first window came out was asking me where I wanted to blog. If you guys are into web writing that may be alright for you.
+Lambert Schlumpf your last post sure looked like a rant against the author of that blog. :-)

And you probably know that nobody is forcing you to abandon Word. ;-)
I have no idea how anyone who needs to do some serious writing can ditch MS-Office for Open Office
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