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This may look like an alien landscape, but this picture actually shows trees buried under a foot of snow close to the Arctic Circle. Italian student Niccolo Bonfadini spent nine days camping alone in the frozen world.

Niccolo Bonfadini/Solent News & Pictures
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yep. I grew up looking at those trees. Eeerily beautiful, innit?
I thought it was a volcanic eruption in the snow :)
that's pretty crazy! they don't even look like trees, do they? they look... sugar frosted. :) 
+Kowala Jay, the layer of frost could be thinner and the trees more ordinary looking. Then it becomes just amazing! The forest is full of white trees which are overall covered with millions of small pieces of snow that reflects light. It is very, very beautiful!
+Panu Hassi, the picture looked good. What I meant is trees covered with 0.5 - 4 cm thick layer of feather-like snow. It is a rare phenomenon and I don't have pictures of it. Like the trees had a nice, expensive fur on them.
Ok, now I understand. You mean when there is a small amount of powder snow on trees. After the first strong wind the snow is gone.
My favourite is the hoar frost, which is more to do with wet air condensing on branches than actual snow, but they don't happen too often. 
holy guacamole! that's.... unbelievable! 
I want to go to Finland now!
They are all searching for something they dropped.
Now to win lotto....
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