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My #americanidol recap is live, complete with my predictions. What are your predictions?
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Jessica SancheZ__ just need more votes but no doubt shes really great. The judges fave!
Just read your post and I agree with a lot of what you said. Jessica has a fantastic voice great for doing covers (as you said) but I don't hear any originality there. Maybe America doesn't care about originality, though. I like Elise the most and I didn't agree with the judges about her "Let's Get It On" performance. I thought she rocked it. I also think she was amazing with "Whole Lotta Love" a few weeks ago.
I think Hollie will go tonight and she should. I don't know how she's stayed in it this long. Wooden performances - she just doesn't have enough experience and life behind her voice. Ditto Jessica. I love Joshua when he does funk or Motown influenced songs but Ima HUGE fan of that genre so I'm biased. It'll be interesting tonight.
she is proud.....there is a fil-am of the philippines. :)
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