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I much prefer fewer, but higher quality, blogs from brands...the constant evolution of social media and user patterns requires brands to focus on doing things well. If they don't, the lack of traction and even negative blowback is so much more quickly obvious in the online world.

I'd say that's good for brands and good for users.
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As ubiquitous social media is, people still want to beeducated. It’s great to know what you friends like. Yet learning what is behinda story or product will always drive people to read good content.
Blogging will never die as long as some one has something to say or talk about ,dome and gloom is always some ones view and in there minds there the only people out there and forget that there always younger generation following behind don't they have something to say eventually?
+Adam Mutter Exactly...people assume the teens who have ditched longer form means of expression for texting will never decide to, oh, I don't know...get political and try to persuade? Start a career and want to establish themselves as a thought leader? Become parents and want to see support and share stories? It's so rigid to think we never evolve our need to self-express.
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