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So, I decided to succumb to the lure of Tumblr. And I have two immediate problems:

1. It's been 30 minutes and I still haven't received a verification email, so i can't customize my profile

2. So to pass time I followed a bunch of Tumblrs. Apparently Tumblr exists to post animated gifs.

#borednow #evilwillow #shortattentionspan #thethrillisalreadygone #tumblrfail
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I have blogs on Blogger, Typepad, iBlog...I like to try everything :)
Rather, Tumblr exists to post animated gifs AND Instagram pictures with some stupid text about love written on top of it in Helvetica. :P
+Lark LaTroy Well, I was being a little sarcastic, I know it has the capabilities to do a lot more. I just followed some animated gif-happy people.
+John Broom The email really never came, but after a while I found I could just start customizing. So now #tumblrfail  is #securityfail  
Actually, I the it back. It will let me add a picture, set preferences, even just won't let me customize the theme or even NAME the thing until i get that damn verification email. WTF?
Blurg. I thought Tumblr was supposed to be super-simple? It appears to me that I can't even name my Tumblr unless I go into the code of the theme I chose? Now I'm not #bored, I'm #annoyednow  
I've been on Tumblr for years but I only used it for a few weeks. I wrote really long posts. 
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