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Elisa Camahort Page
Works at BlogHer Inc.
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Elisa Camahort Page

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This is beautiful, and haunting, and if you're not feeling all the feels by the end, well, I'm sure you're still a very nice person, but maybe you need to do some regression therapy or something to help you get in touch with the feels.
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wow. love. thanks for sharing! going to re-share! <3
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Heading to Atlanta to speak at The Dream Project, brainchild of +Teneshia Warner If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur in the area, you should check it out! Will I see you there?
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Elisa Camahort Page

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2nd video my co-founder +Jory Des Jardins and I recorded while at #SXSW . this time with Paul Krasinski from Visible Measures. We talked about what it takes to build community, not just audience. And about how video is a next content frontier for even the smallest independent publisher!
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+Annie Shultz  I'm curious how you see this creating value for brands, if at all. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I look at Vine/IG videos like Tumblr animated GIFs. Sometimes adorable, but useful? Don't we need a little more than 15 seconds for that? Thoughts?
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Don't think I shared this before: Mashable interviewed +BlogHer 's 61st employee, +Monique Maestas-Gower , about being an early employee at a start-up. Monique joined us as an office manager because she wanted to get her foot in the door. Now, she's a full time sales person. And awesome. Well, she was always awesome, which is one of the lessons, i think. i did the same thing when I got into tech. Started as an admin to get my foot in the door. Ended up a Senior Director before leaving corporate to do my own thing. But while I was an admin, I was the best damn admin. And Monique was a damn good office manager until she became a damn good sales planner until she became a damn good sales person. You really never get the chance to show your stuff in the job you want if you're so busy planning for it that you suck at the job you have. (And that sounds like a mother "Pro Tip"!)
Mashable is introducing readers to the first 100 employees from 100 startups. This week, we'll take a peek inside the experiences of employees no. 61 - 70.
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Nice pic........
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+Jory Des Jardins and I talking to the inestimable +Sandy Carter while at #SXSW this month. We're talking content, mobile, and I'm referencing commercials from the 1970s. 'Cause I'm old like that :) 
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Have her in circles
1,161,145 people
While I'm at it, here's another event I'll be attending. Blogging While Brown in New York in late June. Who else???
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Elisa Camahort Page

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A great post, with data that can support us all vocally pushing back on a false narrative about black men.
A different dialogue on the anniversary of Trayvon's death.
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So, it's lovely getting all of these birthday greetings on G+, but I'm having trouble actually getting to them all...I see greetings in notifications that I can't get to as an actual post to comment on :(

Thank you everybody...I have been trying to thank you each individually, and I know I'm missing some of you :(

Thank you!
Merci Beaucoup!

And thank you in every other language I missed! I love getting these global wishes :)
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ru di
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Today's shameless plug: Wrote a chapter in an eBook on social as adisruptor to enterprise infrastructure. If you understand that jargon , then you’ll likely enjoy the ebook! 

I'm on page 98. And I still agree with what I wrote. Given it was a while ago, that's comforting :)
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Elisa Camahort Page

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Lots of people write these kind of articles. Few are real-live comedians. So, yes, +Myq Kaplan answers these questions funnier than you or I would :)
Comedian Myq Kaplan is here to save non-meat eaters from having to answer the same dumb questions all the time.
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nice one .kisss
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Have her in circles
1,161,145 people
Co-founder and COO
  • BlogHer Inc.
    Co-founder and COO, 2005 - present
  • Terayon Inc
    Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing, 1999 - 2003
  • Harmonic Inc
    Product Marketing, 1997 - 1999
  • Worker Bees consultancy
    Owner, 2003 - 2006
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San Jose, CA
South Bay, San Francisco Bay Area - NY, Mass. and California
Co-founder of BlogHer. Vegan. Macolyte.

As BlogHer's COO, Elisa Camahort Page leads events, marketing, public relations and research for BlogHer, while working to ensure that all company operations deliver to plan.

Prior to co-founding BlogHer, Elisa ran a marketing consultancy, Worker Bees, that was among the first to integrate corporate marketing strategies into the social media environment. Worker Bees followed a successful career as in the cable broadband sector. Her most recent corporate position was Senior Director of Product Marketing at Terayon Communication Systems.

Elisa is a frequent public speaker, bringing research data about women and online communities to life in recent keynote sessions at MediaBistro Circus, Fem 2.0, New Comm Forum and WOMMA Marketing Summit.

Elisa is a founding Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research and serves on the Board of Directors of the 42nd Street Moon Theatre in San Francisco, the programming advisory committee for SXSW Interactive and the Board of Advisors of the Anita Borg Institute.

  • SJSU
    Theatre Arts, 1985
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