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Pure Vitamin C plays a key role in maintaining healthy and supple skin. Youthful skin has plenty of Vitamin C but as you age, it loses this valuable nutrient over time. Exposure to UV light, smoking and other stress factors also contribute to 

Vitamin C loss. The good news is that you can stop the continued loss of Vitamin C in your skin by replenishing Vitamin C levels, while reversing facial aging.


Collagen is a protein naturally present in your body and is responsible for the plumpness of your skin. Collagen metabolism and production are key attributes of healthy, radiant, younger looking skin. Over time Collagen breaks down creating wrinkles. The use of pure Vitamin C stimulates the production of new collagen which helps to counteract wrinkles, giving your skin new suppleness, elasticity and radiance. It strengthens the skin barrier and thickens the dermis.

Age Spots

Vitamin C’s powerful antioxidants reduce the number of age spots (sunburned cells), discoloration and dark under eye circles, protects against UV damage, and ensures evenness in the skin's tone and texture. It has been said that topical Vitamin C Serum is just as effective as chemical and laser peels.

Brighter Skin

Vitamin C acts as a natural bleaching agent and lightens the skin. In addition to brightening skin, topical Vitamin C can prevent mild redness associated with sun damage.

Vitamin C Skin Replenishment

While eating foods rich in Vitamin C and taking Vitamin C supplements are vital to your health, topical Vitamin C applied to the skin is many times more effective than taking Vitamin C orally. Topical Vitamin C can

 be used with all of your other skin care products, moisturizers and other antioxidants. Apply your topical Vitamin C once daily for continued benefits. Although it varies from person to person, generally it takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks of continued use to see results. After around 6 months, you’ll reach the maximum benefits.

Vitamin C Serum or Vitamin C Cream?

A facial serum is not the same as a facial moisturizer, and most cosmeticians recommend both. A serum, often lighter and thinner in consistency compared to a moisturizer, is applied to the face after cleansing, and before the moisturizer. Although both Vitamin C Cream and Vitamin C Serum are effective solutions for aging skin, Vitamin C Serum delivers concentrated Vitamin C to your skin, providing rapid absorption and deep penetration in less time than other Vitamin C products. Serums are able to penetrate deep into the skin layers, while moisturizers address only the superficial surface tissue and its condition. Vitamin C serums are oil-and-water-based, created to have an oil-free texture with a velvety finish.

Did you know.....

Orange, Lemon & Kiwi Oils are listed in the top ten of oils with the highest Vitamin C count
Bitter Orange absorbs excess sebum and helps balance the production of oil in the skin, calming over-active oily and acne-prone types. Yet it doesn’t strip the skin as can some harsh over-the-counter synthetic formulas. After using a formula with bitter orange, skin feels balanced, refreshed, and ready for moisturization.
Lemon Oil can help to lighten dark spots, as well as prevent and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Kiwi Seed Oil helps to rejuvenate tired skin and slow down the aging process. It is thought to have a beneficial effect on fine lines and dark eye circles, as well as making skin appear more radiant.
Noche Y Dia Vitamin C Serum has 3 key ingredients of Bitter Orange, Lemon & Kiwi Seed oils
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Check out our latest blog on hot new fashion and beauty trends for 2015
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Not only is coconut oil good to use in food preparation and as a healthy supplement, it’s long been a source of beauty and nourishment for the skin. This oil comes from the meat of mature coconuts and is a tropical island elixir that has worked its way into body lotions, shower gels, massage creams and facial products.
How does coconut oil work its magic? Coconut oil contains a high level of medium chain fatty acids and antioxidants. These natural ingredients help to prevent the development of dry skin, fine wrinkles and age spots, while increasing the turnover of skin’s collagen. It promotes faster skin repair and assists with the reduction of acne scars. It can be used for psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.
Discover the secret to clean and refreshed skin with gentle ​coconut oil shower gel. This natural cleanser washes away accumulated impurities without drying your skin. It also moisturizes your skin and effectively treats rough, chapped areas and cracked feet. Just a little bit is needed, and it’s mild enough for the whole family to shower with it every day. Even use it in a relaxing bathtub soak.
Follow up with ​coconut oil body lotion over the whole body. Smooth it over hands, feet, legs, neck area and back. Coconut body lotion is an excellent beauty treatment for dehydrated and dry skin. Coconut oil forms a protective barrier while penetrating deeper layers of the skin. It nourishes the skin, protects the skin against premature aging and leaves the skin feeling elastic and silky smooth. Capture a youthful and radiant look with coconut oils derma-protective properties.
In addition to pampering and hydrating the skin, coconut shower gels and coconut body lotions have an alluring scent that is fresh and reminiscent of the beach. Enjoy a natural fragrance that lasts all day yet is not overpowering. Your skin will thank you.
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Why do I need an eye cream when I have a face cream? 
Although both eye creams and face creams are moisturizing, eye creams are made with ingredients especially for the eye area.  The skin around your eyes is the thinnest anywhere on your body and extremely sensitive to fragrance and other ingredients that may be found in facial moisturizer, causing burning or a stinging sensation.  A good eye cream will be fragrance free and made of milder ingredients.  Eye creams also target crows feet and fine lines, plumping up the delicate eye area. 
Ingredients that may be in your eye cream include Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, Ceramides which retain skin moisture, Retinol which promotes cell regeneration, Vitamin C for collagen production and Vitamin E which nourishes and soothes the skin.  Other ingredients to look for are Chamomile or Cucumber which can reduce eye puffiness.
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Just in to the Shoppe.  Spa Cosmetics Vitamin C Hand Cream.  Our customers love the way their nails and hands look after just a few weeks.
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Lip Plumbing Glossed Explained - check out our blog! 
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Well I haven't heard of this one before but I sure am going to try it.  How to Get Dewy—Not Sweaty—Skin
Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs, the Marc Jacobs Beauty team used lip products to create a dewy look on the skin. To avoid a sweaty-looking finish, use lip balm, not gloss. The waxy finish reflects light and gives skin an opalescent finish. Rub it onto your cheekbones, eyelids, and wherever else you want a slight sheen.
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It seems like a good night's sleep is an elusive dream these days LOL.  My tip for looking awake in the morning and I see is shared by the top makeup artists from GLO.  Brighten up your eyes with white eyeliner. White eyeliner is the new black. Makeup artist Alice Lane used it at the spring 2014 Tibi show because it instantly makes you look awake. Want a more subtle look than this model's? Line your inner, lower lash line only.
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