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Elijah Zu Bailey

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Finally got the time to finish processing that Zu's Street View walk, enjoy!
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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That's pretty neat, and having this be available to Hangouts and phones is great. Wondering if there's a easy way to have the mic on only when necessary without turning the extension off (muting I imagine could do the trick).
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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Great stuff. I love how he processed New York, now seeing Las Vegas rendered is even better.
After the New York City debut of his new project, Vincent Laforet unveiled photographs of Las Vegas from a helicopter at an altitude of 10,800 feet, 7,500 feet above Sin City. This morning, Fstoppers caught up with Laforet to shed some light on the new project including the gear used to shoot it, technical limitations, and even some interesting goals for the piece.
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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Great stuff, I am sure it'll be a mainstream concept in no time. Was recently discussing it as one way to have people stick with one device type and have them really choose the enhancements they need over time. A less costly solution which will get traction in due time.
This is the first step in a march to launch the final MDK for Google's modular smartphone design by the end of 2014.
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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Nice to have been part of this event, pushed worldwide motivating me in getting involved coding with Dart more than just reading about its advantages. Conceptual values are way easier to grasp for the average coder even though it attracted more knowledgeable people. Hope it gets the traction El Goog is wishing for for a potentially disruptive transition in the Web App scene.
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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"I think my nest smoke alarm is going off. Google AdWords pitched me a fire extinguisher and an offer for temporary housing." -- A good example of how we went from an analogue to a digital version of things in a very rapid way, a way that has the masses follow as if nothing happened. Thanks to new generations. the question becomes in this example, you used "THAT" archaic system to warn you there's a fire? And you needed to be there to know about it? At least they were sending firefighters automatically instead of automagically, but that is a thing of the past. Do not worry anymore, surveillance of these infrastructures takes a quick kick combo to get things moving.

What if these sensors go haywire or we hack the devices to have wrongly imputed requests for assistance, a bit like prank-calling 9-1-1? Electronic terrorism will surely be one of the games my kids will enjoy doing in 20. And assistance services filtering out bogus requests until there's a bug and someone dies thanks to an algorithm. Funny how this isn't shown to the masses, as working with many companies shows how chaotic any system really is in the internal background because of these same humans.
Last week’s news that Google would buy Nest triggered a lot of discussion on the future of marketing (this cartoon was inspired by a joking tweet from Valleywag’s Sam Biddle). Nest makes smart home devices like learning thermostats (which I personally love) and smoke alarms, with the goal of creating a conscious home. It also collects a lot of data.
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With location-based coupons and predictive technologies. Having a database of future movements by human beings a.k.a their devices is most probably already established for some time. The precision it's getting by validating user engagement to these perceptions of being surveilled is maybe what will drive human productivity in the future. Why not tell your boss you're having a great day at the baseball park, or advise your insurance company that you drank by filtering the content of your feces and pee in your bathroom. The smart bathroom may well be under way in all public places: try to escape having your DNA tracked this way without getting a ticket doing so outside. Again, something the ARGUS-IS system will be glad to catch up on. 9)
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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Using this software since friends' dial-up days, it provides great memories and I am happy to still see it around.
NirCmd is a small utility that allows you to do many useful tasks from command-line, without displaying any user interface: change your display settings, turn off your monitor, open the door of your CD-ROM drive, and more...
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Elijah Zu Bailey

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Talk about it good or bad, this made more to the promotion of the movie than any other Avengers interview, to which we can conclude is a successful 'interview'. May it be driven by hardcore fans hating on the interviewer or supporters of the actor being allegedly off drugs for a decade, this segment reached worldwide audiences, and created an echo chamber in the mainstream media, something that would not have seen as much success if the questions were simply ignored or answered with a spin on them like the "Liberal" question. 2.2M webpages with "Robert Downey Jr." "walks out" and "interview" - and that's only in the English language.

Doesn't want to talk about his past = Generates a storm on the web nonetheless, being picked up by mainstream media for everyone to get brand awareness.

Good job on Channel 4 and Robert Downey Jr for creating a use case for when negative user feedback actually helps as well in 'entertainment journalism'.

Elijah Zu Bailey

commented on a video on YouTube.
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4:20 -- "I don't care what I am: I'm free!" - Robin Williams performing as the Genie in Disney's Aladdin. I now see what is a good twist on that reference by The Academy's tweet @

Elijah Zu Bailey

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Yes, please do help us keep it free and open. My good ol' 4x86 would have screamed knowing the Network's fate was to be ever so faster but ever so limiting to the possibilities the Internet provides to people who are not fortunate enough to experience the maximum of the world physically and mentally. Happy 25th, ttyl Web: keep your packets clean, else I'll go from <ACK> to <NAK>, no matter what.
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Elijah Zu Bailey

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Elijah Zu Bailey

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The Holidays period got me visiting many places in L.A., renderings filling my parallel mind, a bind in which I had to portray. Lured into the watching of many TV series and movies, this groovy New Yorker worked to make my feelings good, to bend a spoon and never artistically cease and moments, seize. #HollyZu  
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Montreal, Canada and New York, NY
New York, New York - Paris, France - Rabat, Morocco
Geeky Hip-Hop artist (Zu ND Odyofilz, wandering tech-hippie (Elijah Zu Bailey) and proud Ingress Resistance operative (zjemily).
Topics: Music, Photography, Computers, Coding, Video Games, Psychology, Pinciples of High-Speed Thinking, Technology, Politics, Conspiracies, the Web's versions (1.0, 2.0, 3.x), Artistic Expressions and all of those in compatible formats. I do music under the name Zu ND Odyofilz, and this all started with practice since childhood.
  • Had a Cyrix 120MHz as my first personal computer.
  • First computer I used was a 2x86. CGA games.
  • Then an AMD K6-2 350Mhz, the bomb.
  • Went to the 500Mhz version of the same chip.
  • And my latest all-time slicing warrior, my AMD Athlon XP 2400+, 1.2GHz RAM, and my still standing ATi AIW 9600 XT.
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    Intel Bearlake Q35,
    ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series  (1024 MB),
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    4GB RAM
Computers are a part of my life since I'm 6, and tweaking those in any way possible had a constant impact on me, more, more and more, faster, better, with acquired knowledge, well automated, synched and designed as such.

Modding .con files in Duke Nukem 3D, mapping in Shadow Warrior. Redneck Rampage and the constant flow of attacks in Quake 1. My childhood was blened with the usage of Snes9x, zsnes, i's improvement in playing C4 chips. Good times were ahead, apart from the incessant Hyper Terminal sessions and Laplink moments on the phone.
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Service is great when you ask the right questions, deals can always occur. Don't know much about the actual pawning rate for objects you bring, but it's the usual electronics-preferrred store, so the inventory is also proportional for good deals on DVDs, videogames.
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OK as any other fast food restaurant would do, fast service is key there for the moments I went, pretty low on visits. The restaurant has a somewhat long history (maybe 30 yrs?) and is structurally special especially for the location of the restaurant, on the border of two streets. There's a drive-in and the front recently was brought down to be renovated so it is closed since August 2008 for an undetermined period. EDIT:Open for business since.
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