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Was there a change in policy for content framing?

I have helped develop a few apps and have received the dreaded 'Content Framing' suspension. Often, it was because of a mistake of myself or another developer not removing AdSense from a WebView to our own site that also had AdSense ads (clearly, our own fault) or forgetting to disable an AdMob view that overlaps on our own Twitter feed (again, our fault).

Recently, I have seen a large number of apps that are doing things like opening WebViews to Google Maps and they still display AdMob apps on top of those views. Isn't this also content framing? If this is certainly prohibited behavior, what is the best way to report it to AdMob and/or Play? If it is no longer prohibited, how do I avoid being suspended for Content Framing?

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And linux all in an open hardware package.
WiFi, Bluetooth, storage on a small open hardware platform. I'm ready.

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So it's the student's fault people "can't the computer correctly" while the teacher has no consequences for complete incompetence and the school has no responsibility to enforce appropriate practice?

This is the problem.

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A small reminder on how it all works.
Today, I'd like to share with you some remarkable open-source projects the chromium team has been contributing to over the years. This non-exhaustive list is divided into chromium-owned projects and those the team has contributed to.


ANGLE - Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine

Blink - Web rendering engine forked from WebKit

BoringSSL - Crypto and SSL stack derived from OpenSSL

Chrome DevTools - Set of web authoring and debugging tools

Chrome OS BIOS U-Boot replacement - Coreboot payload for booting the system super fast

Chrome OS BIOS Verified Boot

ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome

Chromium Embedded Controller

Chromoting - Remotely control a distant machine

cld2 - Compact Language Detector 2

DOM Distiller - Reader mode on Chrome

GN - Meta-build system that generates NinjaBuild files

google-breakpad - Multi-platform crash reporting system

grit-i18n - Google Resource and Internationalization Tool

GYP - Generate Your Projects

hterm - Cross browser xterm compatible terminal emulator

Native Client - Sandbox for running compiled C and C++ code in the browser

open-vdiff - Open Source VCDIFF delta compression implementation

PDFium - PDF rendering engine

Platform2 - Group of system services that make up the Chromium OS platform

Sanitiser for OpenType - parse and serialize OpenType files

Servo - Debug board used for Chromium OS test and development                                       

Skia - 2D graphic library for drawing text, geometries, and images

Swarming - Distribute tasks fast and efficiently in a heterogeneous fleet of bots

Syzygy - Windows binary transformation/optimization/instrumentation toolchain

Trace-Viewer - Frontend for chrome://tracing and Android systrace

V8 -  JavaScript engine

Web Page Replay - Record live Web pages and use them for local performance testing

WebM - video/audio compression/decompression/container libraries

WebRTC - Web-based real-time communication


Apache Cordova - build native mobile apps using Web technologies
BlueZ - Official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack

Buildbot - Continuous Integration Framework

Clang - C/C++ language family compiler based on LLVM

Coreboot - fast and flexible Open Source firmware

Dart -  Web programming language

Das U-Boot source code - the Universal Boot Loader

FFmpeg - multimedia library

Gentoo Linux

ICU - International Components for Unicode

LLVM - Compiler infrastructure project

LevelDB - key-value storage library

Linux Kernel

Mesa 3D - OpenGL graphics library

modemmanager-next - Broadband modem support daemon

Ninja - Build system with a focus on speed

NSS - Mozilla's Networking and Cryptography library

Selenium - Tool for automated testing of webapps across many browsers

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These hotends really are super consistent and trouble free.
A peek at the Bowden adapter for the excellent Hexagon hotend.

Standard M6 pushfit adapters allow you to convert this hotend very easily. The small brass fitting to the right is normally present during direct-drive operation. Remove it and add your Bowden system for a quick conversion.

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Should be neat seeing this take shape.
Pun. I made one.
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