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Goodwill Ambassador, writer, adviser, image consultant, speaker
Goodwill Ambassador, writer, adviser, image consultant, speaker


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The truth is in the numbers. Pure facts. Uncontroversial. Although worrisome, I hope you will enjoy reading. Comments are welcome.
Have a great day. EB

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Like President Trump, and well before his entering our lives, I have been aware of our impossibility of affecting climate change one way or the other.
That's why I view with apprehension a Secretary of Defense discussing climate change as a risk for military operations.
That's why techno-marine or aero-tech exist, to overcome such risks and many others.
Enjoy. EB

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The ups and downs in a political system whose components forget that what counts is the cause and the well-being of the people.
For once, we have a President that truly cares for country and people.
Hope you enjoy reading this article.

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Time is of the essence. One thing is sure. We now have a President who loves his country and loves his people so much that he wants to keep us safe and secure. How lucky we are.
The man on this photo is a monster, find out more.

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The New World Order seemed unstoppable until this new, non-isolationist nationalism and patriotism has resurfaced in the heart and minds of peoples of the world.
Once again, Americans after trying this and that, may have hit the jackpot with the new President. It is an honour to be alive and be part of history.
I hope you will enjoy this read.

If you wish you may follow me in action at

Stay safe. Blessings.

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As the Democrats battle to surrender America to globalism, their virulence is ever so obvious.
Here my thoughts and political positions in this respect.
I welcome your constructive comments as always.
Eliana Benador

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I wrote this January 19, 2017, on the eve of the Inauguration 2017.

At that point I was aware of the upcoming "Women's March," so I decided to clarify how conservative women have rallied around Mr. Trump for those almost 18 months that took us to the Presidency.

I hope you find this article interesting. Don't forget to leave your comments and questions.

G-D bless the American President, Donald J. Trump.

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I hope you find it interesting. Make sure you leave me your comments.
Congratulations, America!

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To our Veterans
To your families
To those who sacrificed their lives
To those who gave their lives
To protect the country they love and loved
I come here today,
To let you know what is
Your people's gift to you
A President and
A Vice-President
Who will honor you
Who will care for you
Who will be always there for you
My heart beats together with yours. 
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