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Gamla Stan In Golden Light || Stockholm

I shot this on my first night in Stockholm last summer. Just when I was about to pack it up and leave because of the clouds, the sun peeked through for 5 beautiful minutes to cast its warm golden light. Thank you universe. :)
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Amazing colors! An award winning photo, great work!
sorry if this gets kind of repetitive but great work! Those were 5min well spent! :) Has always, love the editing.
Your photos are amazing! Guess what: I have to visit Stockholm and your photo invites to such things!
Love the light in this photo and the subtle reflections in the water. Great shot!
Golden light, golden shot!
Thanks everyone! +Wray Post, I was thinking that I'd take up farming instead. Tomatoes perhaps?
You travel, shoot, photoshop (or postprocess?), charge batteries, and you get paid? Damn...
I have a photograph of Gamla Stan taken at water level from one of the hotel boats. Not easy to get a steady shot when light is low and everything moves ...
Love the lighting............. great shot Elia :-)
coulour full tastefull place that where a buitful day sun shining on stands ou
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