Moods of Manhattan || New York

Back in March when we first arrived for a shooting project in New York, it was a warm spring climate of 65 degrees. Then, the next evening when I captured this photo on the Brooklyn side, it was 12 degrees with a severe wind chill! It was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers while I was adjusting my 10-stop ND filter. Thankfully it all worked out because the sunset was absolutely incredible, and as a bonus, I also didn’t end up with frost bitten fingers. ;)

I’m excited to share this shot today because it’s part of a series of images I worked to capture in collaboration with Fujifilm using the GFX 50s Mirrorless Medium Format Camera and the brand new 23mm GF Lens, which was announced earlier this morning. And without getting too technical about crop factors and medium format, the 23mm lens effectively provides an 18mm focal length which makes it perfect for wide angle landscape and cityscape photography.

I’m also excited to share this because with the cascade of back-to-back photography projects I’ve had so far this year, along with the fact that these new GFX 50s images have been secret until today, I haven’t had the chance to share any of my new photos this year. That is, until now. :)

Fujifilm GFX 50s || GF 23mm || f/11 || 30 Seconds || ISO 100

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