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Banana Archive - Ponte Sant'Angelo

I’m finally getting to know my way around Rome… So much so that after exiting the metro station, on the way to shoot Castel Sant’Angelo at sunset, I managed to walk 20 minutes in the wrong direction… Fail!

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Gorgeous photo! love the colors, and reflection. G
Breathtaking Image! Wish I was there :)
Perfect. Wish I would have seen this angle. I took a rather boring picture on the bridge toward the castle.
This is a nice little walk from where I live! :) And yes, it's really just as amazing as it seems, at night. Some of my best memories are evenings spent here, this picture sums them up pretty well. 
Thanks Everyone for the great comments! This is one of my favorite places in Rome.

+Jay Collins Not much darkening was applied to the sky or reflection. It's just that time of night where details start to get dark.
I went to this place and don't remember it was this beautiful! hehehe... Awesome picture!
Timing is Most Definitely Everything.
Ooooo! You visualize this printed on an entire wall! Wow. Super reflections, color and lights. Great work on this.
Thanks Greg! You're right, this one would actually print up nice. ;) I'll have to give it a try.
this is amazing..!! Funny thing is that I went to Rome and I don't remember seeing this.. hehehe.. I did but it looks better on this picture!! it rained all day long when I was there..
You can never bet on the weather. Last time I went to photograph Venice, It rained the entire 5 days. ;)
yep.. weather over there is crazy! I went for a short trip Pisa, Firenze and Roma.. and the weather was perfect until we arrived Roma.. it rained the two days I was there..
Wonderful capture of this scene! Peaceful and beautiful. Well done!
c'est superbe
The lighting the reflection off the smooth glassy water, the sky, the colors... there is so much to admire without being overwhelming its just such a beautiful photo your work its absolutely amazing, great job and keep up the amazing work.
Thanks again everyone! +Christopher Trader, I really did get lucky with this one. As you said, the water couldn't have been any perfect for reflections. ;)
the light is great and a little bit odd,
great job and excellent pic! I like it so much:)
Complimenti! One of my favorite places in Roma. A close up of the angles would have been nice also. Que bella! Do you have any shoots from Trastevere? There´s only beauty in that town (and country). Just behind Hotel Raphael there´s a cool place where I sometime have breakfast "Il Chiostro del Bramante".
please allow me to paint this picture in oil medium... i'll be very thankful to u.
Oh my god such a beautiful pictures totaly stunning!!! :)
Awesome! Please somebody take me there Buyelwa
what an artistic sense and timing please send me some your finest pieces of work
wow..wht a beautiful location
Was there two weeks ago ... this is really a very beautyful picture.... awesome !
Thanks for all the comments everyone and Happy Holidays. :)
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