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it is we call life taste ......
good thing, we would probably still be living in caves, if they only knew what I know!
everyone has some unique qualities so we can learn from everyone
We are all unique, maybe there are better, but no one, so to value what we are ..
Yap!its true we learn almost evryday 4m new pple we meet wit.
Everyone. I didn't believe in this until I learned the art of observation. Yeah, +Gabriel Boorse lol! Nicki Minaj taught me that I should NEVER wear wigs with unnatural colours and to not act weird and beg for attention that way.
I wouldn't b so sure!!!
+Gabriel Boorse well, even Snooki can teach us something we don't know. Whether it's important or not, well, that's yet to be determined. ;)
only if you are ready to learn from them.
thats one way i learn.everyone has a opionen and the rite to speak it .
we had to watch bill nye in science class!! bill nye the science guy
Everyone has something new to bring to the table. Respect others opinions. They may not be in line with your opinion, but evolve from a different place.
But you have to be open and attentive to get the benefit of that wisdom.
Even as I grow older by the day, I learn some bit of knowledge, and share with my 5yr old granddaughter!so may not grow up as stupid as me!
omg its like the i know something u dont know thing 
me and my friend say "thats TRUE really TRUE"
I was always suspicious of that, now I know.
hello how are u doing my dear
can we chat a little
i dont get the point of what they are trying to say i understand what it means but never mind i dont know how to explain it....
wow how  so  fucking  exciting  to  know  that,
Bill Nye The Science Guy XD
bill nye the science guy?
Isnt that the truth...luv traveling and this is one of the reasons....
True, do you beleaive in god and hell
bill nye the science guy!!!
L. Goll
i saw a science movie from him once
Useless info isnt neccesarily a bad thing
Bill Nye the science guy!
"Bill Nye the Science Guy!" - Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! -"Bill Nye the Science Guy!" 
In class i always have to watch him, 4 chemistry
Thats definitely true. Every person has gone through something, or learned something, or realised something that you've not. So, they know something you don't. 
His brother, nice gentleman, sold me a car, if talking about the great actor... ;-). Best wishes to both, highly talented in their own ways.
omg thats like really stalkerish haha
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is that like Bill Nye the science guy? I used to love him :)
Bill Nye sucks. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!!! :D
Never thought about it but so true. I will be looking for all the positive things that I can learn from others.
Hahahaha... How is this rather obvious statement meant to convey some sort of higher level intellect? Of course!!!
True! Lifelong wisdom in this quote ;)
Oh yeah! That is so true be cause they're a differemt person with a different life. Well then happens to twins?
Bill Nye the Science Guy!
Lol, ok it was the science guy not the actor, what a puppet I am... ;-)
Very true. You will always learn something new from each person you meet. Perfect lesson to share with a child. 
bill nye the science guy
In a crisis situation it would be good to find out someone had the knowledge to assist in the solution.
Ebun A
bill nye the science guy!!
I can't complain u always don't know what people know just think about

Because world is full of what we don't know.
I like that because I do believe that I can learn something from everyone, even stuff that does not really matter....
i mean im not disagreeing with u its just in some cases thats not true
It's true that you will never stop learning from others!

And that is fantastic - I have a lot to learn from the 6.999 billion I have not yet met. Whooppeee !
always look for positive thing from every peaople we meet,enjoy it, we still can learn something even someone have different opinion with us^^
I hope its some thing good coming my way lol
i write about him in school.and he true about everything.
Bill Nye the Science Guy?
Not true for me I am all knowing
Thats for sure. You learn something new from everyone.
ill try to walk up to a stranger and say teach me some trvia next time im out. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY
bill nye the sceince guy i watched that in 5th grade all the time now in math hes solving x
Yes. But I do need to meet new people!
He's right. Before I met the Science Guy, I didn't know how a cawk worked.
All our knowledge has its orgins in our perceptions
for sure all ways willing to learn ..oh just learnt something thanks.
well its still Okay U no .cant no every thing all the time .we never stop learning
wait- no, he didn't die.  it was a fake twitter rumor.
BILL NYE the science guy I loved him in my school last year for middle school we watched him a lot in science!
not too hard for them.................
And I know something they don't know.That's just common sense.
thats true but its still nice to know
But it works the other way around, too. Exploit the weakness! Okay, only if you're opposing counsel in a courtroom or playing a cheesy board game.
so true ......why me this is such a pain
There is a motto of  Confucius said that there must be my teacher among 3 persons.
I love Bill Nye! I wish he had videos for AP chem though, I would have gotten a 5!
thats what makes these sights special..we get to meet people we would never have ever got the chance to ever meet.
Every person and every thing can teach us something if we have the keen eye to observe and mind that wants to learn.
can you help me please i come from germany what is it 
THE SCIENCE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, of course she does!
I love Bill Nye! I wish he had videos for AP chem though, I would have gotten a 5!
maybe a few more.. but point taken and definitely can relate too..
Right! See that others a better than u in order to learn.
Hmmmm... it's gettin hotter everyday by day...
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