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The Light Within || Istanbul

I was talking with a good friend of mine about photography and he asked me, “I know you do Travel Photography for a living but what’s your favorite subject to shoot? Landscapes, architecture, conceptual stuff, naked girls, what?”

After lingering on the thought of naked girls for quite a few moments, I realized that I didn’t have an answer to his question, and that kinda startled me. I mean, excluding naked girls, I shoot all of those styles of photography but I don’t particularly gravitate towards any single one. So what is it then? What is the unifying subject that sparks my passion for capturing a moment?

And then it occurred to me, “It’s light.”
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Wow...Beautiful photo. Wish I could get out of my boring job and photography light for a living :-)
"And then it occurred to me, “It’s light.”"
Did a little light bulb appear above your head when you thought of that?
Good answer, great composition and great use of light.
Anyone viewing your work could easily have answered that question.
just discombobulated on fact the that whether it is real or imaginary!..whatever it is .it is beautiful!
Wow what a beauty! Light is magnificient
A great example of unique and very special photography. I need to try and see the light like this!
True. All photography is about light -- Light and shadows make photos interesting.
how about naked girls under a street lamp? Does that count for light?
Thanks everyone. I fell asleep shortly after I posted this. - Still acclimating to the new time zone.

This is funny because I originally bought my camera (used D700) from a former lingerie model. Maybe the camera misses that lifestyle. ;)
without light, you have nothing. I love how tack sharp this is (all your images are) and it makes them almost look 3D.
What a magical / fantastic shot!
Don't ever loose your light, for magical shots like these.
you have one hell of a camare.......but the shoots should be 16:9........somehow i fell a bit ripped off on the images
Don't know if you've noticed or not, however, it looks as if that man next to the door is urinating 
This is like a dream come true. Love the pictures.
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