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Sultan Ahmed And The Sea || Golden Hour Version

Whenever I find these great vantage points, I make sure to take full advantage of them. In this case I shot the scene multiple times as the light changed from this very warm golden hour to a very dramatic night shot.

Which one do you like better? I can’t make up my mind.

Golden Hour: This One


Blue Hour:
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love both, i love this one more because somehow, the shade of sunlight at the mosque blends together with the sky, like a harmony. IMHO :D
I love the contrast of the "blue hour" shot, but I believe that this is my fav because the lighting seems more harmonious. That or I shouldn't have started drinking booze at 7am this morning ;-)
Clearly, this is complete CG.
But if I had to choose, the blue one.
normally my vote is for blue hour shots, but I think I prefer the Golden Hour shot actually. While I like the blue hour one with the lights on the building and such, for some reason this one stands out more to me. I think its the contrast in the sky and the sun against the building. The blue hour one I think the sky blends in with the sea more and you lose some of the contrast with the surroundings. Also I think the building stands out more in this one.
Thanks everyone! And you're right +Azri Rashid, there's something cool about the lighting and shadows here.

+Wray Post 7am? You started that late? ;)

+Andrew Marston hehe, If I could model, texture, and light that well, I don't think I'd be doing photography.

+Rachel Heil I couldn't have said it better myself.
the tow are great, but for me the blue one is more alive, i've been there
There's something about this shot, the textures and colors remind me something out of the Star Wars movies. :) I vote the golden hour one!
Both awesome! I gotta go with golden hour though because of that nice gradient in the sky.
Tough decision, both are beautiful!
i like this one better. the lights on the towers on the blue one are somehow off-putting to me..
İSTANBUL is a unique wonder of the world
A great photo Sultanahmet  Mosque and the Bosphorus Istanbul .Greetings from Turkey...
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