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Sultan Ahmed And The Sea || Golden Hour Version

Whenever I find these great vantage points, I make sure to take full advantage of them. In this case I shot the scene multiple times as the light changed from this very warm golden hour to a very dramatic night shot.

Which one do you like better? I can’t make up my mind.

Golden Hour: This One


Blue Hour:
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love both, i love this one more because somehow, the shade of sunlight at the mosque blends together with the sky, like a harmony. IMHO :D
I love the contrast of the "blue hour" shot, but I believe that this is my fav because the lighting seems more harmonious. That or I shouldn't have started drinking booze at 7am this morning ;-)
Clearly, this is complete CG.
But if I had to choose, the blue one.
normally my vote is for blue hour shots, but I think I prefer the Golden Hour shot actually. While I like the blue hour one with the lights on the building and such, for some reason this one stands out more to me. I think its the contrast in the sky and the sun against the building. The blue hour one I think the sky blends in with the sea more and you lose some of the contrast with the surroundings. Also I think the building stands out more in this one.
Thanks everyone! And you're right +Azri Rashid, there's something cool about the lighting and shadows here.

+Wray Post 7am? You started that late? ;)

+Andrew Marston hehe, If I could model, texture, and light that well, I don't think I'd be doing photography.

+Rachel Heil I couldn't have said it better myself.
There's something about this shot, the textures and colors remind me something out of the Star Wars movies. :) I vote the golden hour one!
Both awesome! I gotta go with golden hour though because of that nice gradient in the sky.
Tough decision, both are beautiful!
i like this one better. the lights on the towers on the blue one are somehow off-putting to me..
İSTANBUL is a unique wonder of the world
A great photo Sultanahmet  Mosque and the Bosphorus Istanbul .Greetings from Turkey...
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