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Meteora - Morning Highlights

One of my favorites, shot during a very early (and extremely chilly) winter morning in Northern Greece.
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31 comments that tiny castle in the middle of the scene...Lovely shot!!!
i´ve been there last year and this photo beams me back!
I've seen this in your gallery before... Love it !
Beautiful place and I bet you don't have to worry about being too close to your neighbors.
Thanks for the comments everyone!

lol +Joe Frazee, you're right about that. ;)

Thanks +Tom Anderson! This is one of my favorites from the archives. Previously I only had it on Google+ with a watermark and border - part of a desktop wallpaper collection.
lovely pics............beautiful...................
Well this has to be one of the coolest houses on the planet. There's no way you'd get the planning permission to do this sort of thing in the UK! Top image +Elia Locardi !
Beautiful image ... good memories ! Thanks.
You have a brilliant portfolio of work, Elia, that runs from the vivid to the understated each processed with perfect understanding. What I love about each one are the stories they tell. You do not photograph to be a "Photographer." You are a story-teller with a singular perspective and gift for wrapping us in the story of each image and investing us with the respect and reverence you feel at each location.
This is one of your best. There is a far-away storybook feel and I am immediately enchanted by the monoliths and their relationship to the hillside and buildings. Your use of light and how it cascades to a halt on building and stone with that wonderful tucked greenery is superb as always. I have already written a full-length movie and sequel in my head about this place with its anthropomorphic and fanciful shapes.
There are people I look for if I've been away and I've been away a while now.
You are one of those I seek out, whose work adds indefinable value to my world. So excuse me for going on a bit, but your work is one of the reasons it is good to be back.
Really like this picture would love it on phone home screen
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