The Setting Sun || A 2 bottle minimum

When I arrived in Venice last June, I was exhausted. I really didn’t want to do anything. -- This is rare for me too. I’m usually always amped up to go shooting. -- So knowing that I had a few days to get the shots I wanted, I resolved to grab a few cheap bottles of wine and call it a day.

Before I went out though, I decided to check the weather. You know, just to help mentally plan the next few days of shooting... And then...

##@^^#@#ER#$# ARRGGHHH!!!! The forecast called for the next 10 days of solid rain! WTF?! Really?!

To make a long (and angry) story short, this is one of the few photos that I shot in Venice. It was also one of the only spouts of real sun in a 10 day rainy spell.

On a little side note however, it turns out that my camera bag fits 2 bottles of wine inside the pockets. That’s a win for sure. ^_^

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