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The Setting Sun || A 2 bottle minimum

When I arrived in Venice last June, I was exhausted. I really didn’t want to do anything. -- This is rare for me too. I’m usually always amped up to go shooting. -- So knowing that I had a few days to get the shots I wanted, I resolved to grab a few cheap bottles of wine and call it a day.

Before I went out though, I decided to check the weather. You know, just to help mentally plan the next few days of shooting... And then...

##@^^#@#ER#$# ARRGGHHH!!!! The forecast called for the next 10 days of solid rain! WTF?! Really?!

To make a long (and angry) story short, this is one of the few photos that I shot in Venice. It was also one of the only spouts of real sun in a 10 day rainy spell.

On a little side note however, it turns out that my camera bag fits 2 bottles of wine inside the pockets. That’s a win for sure. ^_^

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Beautiful composition, colors and mood...
Grab a few cheap bottles of wine and call it a day. Great photo! Well done on both counts, sir!
I'm adding these criteria to my next camera bag purchase!
Thanks Everyone! And yes +Jeff Smith, maybe the companies will catch on and put it in the product specs. That would be helpful.

+mark waslick, I'm pretty much set up for failure in Italy - especially if I'm visiting family. Then it's a 4btl minimum.
Wonderful composition to this with the sun peeking through. Beautiful image!
+1 for the photo, another for getting a break in the rain, and +infinity for being able to fit those bottles of wine in your camera bag. ;-P
haha, I love making those discoveries. And clearly that must be a criteria for your bag.

In college my friend discovered his leather trench coat could hold at least 2 handles of liquor and then a few smaller bottles. He didn't even drink. lol
First thing, it a great pictures. Send thing, saw you new Blame the Monkey logo, absolutely funny and great. As for the rain, did you take advantage of it? I love it when people will take picture of exact same location during different season of the year. Sunshine, rain, snow, night or day, each gives its own vibe.
+Duane Estabrook Sometimes I take advantage of the rain but I have to be in the right mood for it. It's a reflection paradise in Venice when it rains too! -- Oh, and you saw the new logo (self portrait) too eh? We're still tweaking away at the new site - just launched it a couple hours ago.

+Rachel Heil Oh, trust me - I would have made room if necessary. :)
hehe, just popped over to see the new logo +Elia Locardi , I got a chuckle out of it. I like it.
Love to hear the stories behind the shots just as much as seeing your photos!
Good point. I'll have to check my camera bag wine carrying capacity ASAP!
Pretty picture, glad you got this one, at least.
Wow Bautiful. I like very much.
Thanks for the support everyone! 2.0 will get much better as we add more features and tweak the look. Remember, we do all the web stuff ourselves - just my wife and I. (in other words, she fixes what I break)
You may take really nice pictures in the rain, especially where there are colourful sources of light. Although, I do not know how it is in Venice. Good Luck! :)
Fantastic shot.
I've found that dramatic weather makes for dramatic images, although usually at the beginning and end of the weather, not necessarily during. Especially 10 days worth. That being said, visiting Venice is going on my Schemer now.
nice picture. makes me want sail in a boat in the liver with the view of the setting sun.
+Solo Weiler, Absolutely. Some of the most dramatic and beautiful skies happen as a storm clears. :)
Beautiful photo of the setting sun. Looks alot like Trieste. Or, is this a canal off the Grand Canal in Venice?
Two more months- August 2012 - Venice , here I come.. I so love this pic :(
Wonderful color Awesome capture. You are a great photographer. 
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