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10 Free (High Resolution) Desktop Backgrounds

Just in case you wanted to spruce up your Desktop or iPad background today, here's a little bit of help. :)

The link to download can be found in the description of each image. The description is above the comments in the light box.
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Thanks for sharing these. Your work is fantastic!
Wow, these are awesome Elia! Thanks for sharing.
thanks for the images, great stuff :)
Great images. Love your use of color!
that picture from italy is awesome. I wish i can go to that place
i like this photos........
My desktop background just got an awesome update! Thanks to you!
oop's i ,meant that's sorry spelled it wrong lol:)
Wow Wonderful, Where Abouts Is This??
i bet it be so cool to actually live there
That's a beautiful painting. Almost looks real.
Admirable! Thanks for sharing your excited trip!
They all looks so nice!
Are they actual taken pics? If they are that is soooo unique. <3
Have you a good adress for a night near this place ? I'm coming from Marseille...
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